Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pornography and YOU!

After writting this article in my notepad,I was wondering if I should upload it due to the fear of its shock factor being too much for any random elderly people that come into my blog by accident,or any underage kids.( I am talking about you, Yi Teng )

Ah,but screw it,if you want you can stop reading now,if you continue reading it,I am not going to be responsible for any sore wrists or provide tiger balms to any gents or ladies reading this blog that got a stiff right arm due to something they did and you know and I know but we are not going to talk about it.

I suppose that most of the gents and perhaps ladies at one time or another have seen some porno before right?Be it accidently,for pleasure,or for artistic purposes,and for the sake of education.No matter what is your bloody reason,you probably have seen some porno in your life.Unless you are lying to me.Hell,even if you are gay,you probably viewed some gay porno before.

Personally,I think that porno is something good.Why?

1)It creates Jobs due to its industry.Camera crew,directors,actors and actresses,script writers,make up artists etc.Also shops have something to sell,there are plenty of shops that sell porno videos,not including the online sites,and the sex toys shops etc,the porno industry is a huge thriving buisness.

2)Source of entertainment for the masses,just like watching the movies,depraved army guys gathered around in camps watching a small porno on a psp/hp/ipod touch etc just gives you a feeling of warmth somewhere right?Isn't that just so sweet?It builds friendship,I have seen many friendships being forged that lasted years due to porno.It is remarkable.

3)It relives stress for everyone!Nothing like a porno after a hard day of work.It perks you up.It takes your worries away.And it gives you a healthy radiant glow at the end of the day.

However,bear in mind that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.Below I have attached a few picture for warning you guys/ladies that of what may happen if you watched too much porno.

Watching too much porn eventually lead to something else,and doing too much of something else eventually lead to baldness and a slight retarded look. It is kind of sad really............

uhhhhhhhh..........I don't have to explain this picture right?

Obviously,too much male bonding sessions lead to something totally new for this two guys,who is going to turn gay any moment.

So people,with great power comes great responsibility,so be responsible k.
Words were taken from Ben Parker,Spiderman's dead uncle.


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