Friday, December 14, 2007

Random stuff that pop into my head

Random stuff 1

Sometimes when taking a bus or mrt, you see pregnant ladies or old folks, if is rather fucked up to see everyone looking away or pretending to sleep. And the men in uniform, do not necessary give the seats to those that required it the most also. Just get your fugging ass away and give up your seats, you are only a single person, she is two person.

1 < 2 <---- So if you used to pretend to be sleeping, time for a wake up call.

Randome stuff 2

I was lucky or unlucky enough to stop 2 women from being beaten up by their husband/bf on two seperate occasions.

In the first situation, I was downstairs at the right moment to stop a drunk man continue using his gf head as a drum stick on her car. I become a police witness for her.

In the 2nd situation, I went downstairs to stop the abuse of a woman by her husband. I stay on the 12th storey, and they stay on the 2nd. It is obvious how bad it was.

In both situations, there are a couple of similarities. I was the only one there and was threatened with physical body harm. And as I narrate what happened to my friends, they stated that they would not have done what I did, and I was both stupid, rash, and busybody. I guess they were right about that.

But I still have to explain myself here. Imagine that it wasn't a woman being abused by her spouse, instead, she was being raped/robbed etc by some son of the bitch. You want that on my conscience for the rest of my life? Which guy that walks away from something that you have the ability to stop, I don't think much of you.

What if it is your mum/gf/spouse being robbed or worse at the moment? Would you wish that a busybody would be there to stop it? Think people, think. If you really can't do anything about it, at least call the cops.

I don't know, maybe I am just a naive righteous prick that sees the world through rose-tinted glasses.


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