Saturday, May 31, 2008

R.I.P Nugget

1 year plus ago, I adopted you. You used to be so tiny, and insanely cute. I decided to give you a name, "Nugget", cause you looked like a nugget of cuteness in my opinion. Intially, I remember you scuttling around the house, refusing to be pet by me.

But what really impresses me is when even when you are escaping for your dear life, you will run straight towards food. Your dedication to the munchies really amazed me. That is why I fed you with so much goodies during new year and christmas. Perhaps your obesity was due to my excessive feeding. But I know that you will never blame me.

Perhaps, I haven been a really good owner with you, trying to give you away, but deep inside, I really cared for you. I refused to give you to people that I don't think will be kind to you. I hope you will have the heart to forgive me for trying to give you away.

On the 30 of may, when for the first time in my life my heart was so troubled, I was hit with another blow. I saw you being listless, and stroked you. You felt cold to my touch, trembling slightly, and I saw how much weight you lose. I flipped you over and checked on you, and discovered that you looked extremely ill.

For one of the first time in my life, I started praying to god, that you will survive, and for the first time, I started to chat with you, pleading with you to survive at least. I stroke you for little over an hour, and I hoped that I gave you comfort in the last moments of your life.

On the 31st of may 2008, was the day I first shed tears over a pet.

I place your blanket next to you to keep you warm at night.Hopefully you reached a place with enternal sunshine.

I did have photographs of her being buried at the hill, before I am not going to paste it up, cause I rather you people remember her in life rather than death.

R.I.P Nugget.


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