Saturday, May 17, 2008


“Come right in and check out our magic mirror! See it for yourselves, the one and only magical mirror taken from the far realms of the East! Hear-ya! Hear-ya!” cried the sorcerer. A visit to the moving circus was ever so unique, every time it came to our town; there is something new to offer to us. I remember when last year it came; it introduced the incredible fat lady, which was, in a kinda way, a lady who was incredible for her girth. But that isn’t everything; she also has one of the most magnificent voices I heard in my life. One may weep and think of autumns and friends long departed when they hear her voice, the melody of her songs that sooth the throbbing heartaches in us.

Before they introduced her, they also introduced the albino boy; the lion face man, and a bunch of assorted “freaks”. But my favorite was sill the incredible fat lady. People were always laughing at her, yet, all she did was to laugh with them. She seldom sang, but when she does, she only sings sad songs. I wonder if it is what she truly felt at the moment, being ridiculed, mocked, laughed at...

Today was unusual, there was nothing new beside the magic mirror, and all of the freaks were still the same. I came with my clique, the usual guys and gals, and the magic mirror was the final stop we went to. We were tired of bobbing for candied apples and eating candy floss, or trying to cope a quick feel of the girls as we went into the haunted mansion, taking advantage as they press their bodies closer to us while laughing and dissing each other. Life is fun when you were with your friends. I love em, all of em, and I thought that I would live forever.

That was when we heard the boast of the sorcerer about his magic mirror, and that started to attract out attention.

“So dear sirs and ladies, mayhap you have a silver coin to test your mettle against my magic mirror?”

“What does your mirror do, my little magic man? Does it show me my reflection? Or is this mirror the one that snow white’s evil stepmother used to have?” I asked, with approval from the guys, and attracting giggles from the girls.

“Do you mock me sir? What this mirror does, is to show you what you truly are, and how ugly others can be in their heart, do you dare enter alone? If not, take back your words, and with a silver dollar, all may have a good look with me beside”

If there is anything I hate, that is looking bad in front of my friends, and with stupid encouragements like “you the big daddy!” and such ego-boosting words, I stepped into the tent cautiously to take a look at the mirror.

What happened next was totally unexpected, as instead of my own reflection, I saw someone who looks familiar, yet his face was horribly disfigured, and to my horror, I realized that I was looking at myself. I threw the can of coke I had in my hand after realizing that at the magic mirror, and the mirror shattered into a thousand separate pieces. This attracted all my friends and the sorcerer, who rushed in to check out the noise, and I almost swooned at the sight of them all.
All of them looks horribly disfigured with rotting teeth a crease filled faces. The worse of the lot was pretty Penny, a girl whom I have been flirting with great success for the past 3 months behind her boyfriend’s back. Her eyes were bloodshot, and her skin was covered with warts and liver spots, and her entire body was covered with scabs, and worst of all, her lips had a twisted sneer... She reached out to touch me, and I was repulsed at her touch, sweet Penny, who was always the girl-next-door, the one everybody like but only I know her true nature, the kisses we steal from each other when her boyfriend, one of my best friend wasn’t looking.

I pushed her to the floor and ran, and everywhere I go, I see the same monsters, not people. Everyone look disfigured, some more than the others, and some almost as bad as Penny. I draw curious stares wherever I ran, in a fanatic dash to get out of this circus. It was at this moment, I heard the incredible fat lady singing her song again, and I was drawn towards the voice. She looked different, she was glowing with radiance, and I thought that she never looked more beautiful in her life before. The rest of the guys from the freak show, also look perfectly normal compared to the disfigured crowd laughing at them.

It was then I realized that this mirror did show me the heart of everyone, the true faces of everyone. My friends, and me, we had ugly hearts. I can’t blame Penny for everything, because even though I was seduced by her, I allowed her to seduce me in the first place. People whom we all referred to as the freaks, even when they were laughed at, they held no ill intent towards others.

There is a reason why there isn't any ending to this story, cause I am never going to finish writing it. Forgive me for not checking the verbs,grammer,or making it sound fluent,cause no matter how fluent I wrote it,it will forever give me a taste of bitterness.
‘Every concept of truth has a huge hole in it’


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