Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The pro-gay post

I got something to declare here people....and noooo,it is not what you are thinking,I am not coming out of my closet or something.Hope that doesn't mean disappointment for any homos out there.

That aside,seriously,I have been known for my anti-faggots sentiments in the past,but that lead to many misunderstandings.People thought that I hate gay people.You guys are GODDAMN awfully wrong.I love GAY PEOPLE,espcially Gay man.not in that kind of way you are assuming right now,so please refer back to the first paragraph.

<----What is there not to like about two homosexual celebrities hugging and caressing each other?Everybody love brokeback mountain didn't they?Except in brokeback,it is two rugged handsome cowboys frisking each other.In this picture,it is a bald man,and a queer with too much hair and a weird micheal jackson glint in his eyes that says "Hohum,sweet buttcheeks!"

The one great reason to be gay is you get to hug Joanna Peh without being slapped.The only time I could take a picture this close with her is when I take a picture beside a poster of her.

<--See?Another picture of a fag hugging a beautiful woman.Only disadvantage is that if you turn gay,you can't sleep with them,but you can sleep with old bald feminine guys.

<---The 6 million dollars classical gay man look. Very gay,very nice, with a queer knowing everything smile.One thing about gay man is that they are usually more handsome than straight man,so if a guy is too fit and handsome,80% of the time he is gay.

So ladies,if your man starts to pump iron every week,it may just be an excuse to ogle cute secondary school guys at the gym for them.

Don't give em a excuse,let em get fat,makes em straight.

Lets hope the only bonding this two guys are doing is over a beer.But with the way the dude in blue is holding the bottle and blowing into the funnel,I am not so sure. You know,being drunk and near the sea on a boat,may lead to deranged gay fantasies for both of em like "Sailor boys blow the horn/polish the funnel",you never know.....

Last but not least,the greatest reason to LOVE gay men is that since they are gay,they won't chase the girls,leaving em for the rest of us.SO for the love of god,please let there be more gay men in Singapore.



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