Friday, April 11, 2008

One of those days.

Ahh, I got to blog about my life for once, cause it is so damn screwed up. You probably heard about people talking about the most unlucky day they ever had? You probably think they are freaking drama queen or something. Goddamn it, today, I am going to be the drama queen.

Friday, April 11, 2008 is an excellent day, cause it just prove to me what I have suspected all along; which is God hates me. Barely 1 hr into the day, I check my results at midnight, and discovered to my horror, the first paper I failed at SIM. In the morning, when I am going to school, I stood near Sim bus stop with a few buddies, and while waiting for another friend, I felt a pain in the sole of my foot. I thought that I step on a nail or something, and surprise surprise, there is a FUCKING BEE THERE. How the FUCK a FUCKING BEE managed to get under my feet and poke me, I will never know. But I hope the damn bee dies a slow and painful death, but sadly, after the sting get injected into me, when the bee pull out, it has already disemboweled itself. Pity.

Study my notes in school, discovered that I dunno a single crap about anything, went for lessons, didn't managed to grab the notes, photocopy notes, discovered that I photocopy an extra set. Dinnertime come, couldn't get anyone out for a meal.
Went home, and happily, my handphone is discovered to be spoiled.
Couldn't get through to a pal, and when he called, I just miss him, and he just went home, and I am already back home.

Terrific day, lets hope that I used up a year of bad luck.


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