Sunday, June 22, 2008

A totally random and bullshit test

Yeah,It has been a long time since I blog about anything, so today,I decided to carry out a really random test.

How different writing styles will lead to great time loss.

Normal style

Today I went out on a first year anniversary date with my boyfriend Peter,and the flowers he gave me were gorgeous,and we went out to Jack's place for some great steak! The ambience was fabulous,and after that,he drove me to the beach,when he give me the pulsh toy I always wanted,and started to serene me with a song.After that,we went to his house and make sweet love,and I awoke to breakfast in bed :)

Ah Lian Xiao Mei Mei style

t0D@y ,d3@rD3@R brnG m3 0uT FoR a HoTHot!! d@t3 l3h!!!! (By the end of this sentence,seriously,I spend more time than typing the whole paragraph in normal style).HuBbY PetePete Gv3s m3 so MANY PRETTY FLOWERS CAN! s0 pR3tTy.... :) lUbs lubS. w3 m@kan D3ar's faV0rt3 St3ak @nd wah,W@t3r so rUd3. __ to him. d3@r drv3 hs Evo to th3 beach can, @nd h3 so c0ol,spe3d all th w@y ,p0lc3 cAr aLs0 caN't c@tch .LOL!!!!!!D3@r gv3 m3 th3 h3llo KtTy I alw@yS WaNt3c,so Cut3 can!!h3 as0 sIng my FaV J@y Ch0u song,so niccccceeee. @ft3r that,d3ArD3aR Piak Piak w}th m3 wh0l3 nit3 lonG :p.


The Aus style

Met Pete today,drank lots of beer,had sex.

I can tell u,typing in the Ah lian style nearly killed me,I swear,it kills lots of brain cells to type in that manner.I took about 40 mins to type it out.When in normal style,it is about 3 mins at max.

Ozzie style is however,short,sweet,and simple.

Difficulty: 8/10 relatively easy
Clearness: 10/10 tells the reader everything they need to know
Time taken: 8/10 Fast

Ah Lian
Difficulty: 1/10 Incredibly hard and tormenting to the typist,it is like killing yourself with small rocks
Clearness: 3/10 Hard to read without making the eyes bleed,too much lol and other useless info also.
Time taken 1/10 Takes far too long to type

Difficulty: 10/10 easiest
Clearness: 5/10 tells the reader too little
Time taken 10/10 super fast

A word by me: No Ah lian or normal girl or Austrilian babe were harmed in the production of this post,and similarity to your posting is only coincidental,and there wasn't any real sex involved at all. So pls dun sue me.


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