Monday, June 9, 2008


Hey guys,I am really sorry for not blogging for a damn long time, I have a confession to make now. Actually, I have a son born out of wedlock. I am a unmarried father of a 6mths old baby. I know it is very sudden, and a majority of you couldn't accept it, that is why I never told you guys. This little bundle of Joy is named Roland Chua Wei Ming, and unfortunately, after he was borned, his mum told me she was going to go to genting highlands and didn't came back since. I am going to treat her as she is already dead.

Being a dad is a real interesting experience, I get to burp the baby, listen to him whine as I rub him against my stubble on my chin, feed him, change his diapers about once every 2 weeks, or was it suppose to be twice everyday? He really resembles me, as in, he got really huge ears, but he is extremely cute. Maybe I ought to do a DNA test.

You know what is the worst part about my wife running away to genting highlands? This little bugger keep on biting my nipples, it took 2 hours for him to realised that he is still hungry,and I got very very sore nipples. Thankfully, we managed to find a midwife for him, and happily, he is growing fat and well.

Okay, sadly, the baby ain't mine, he is too cute, and I got no wife.
No babies nor midwife were harmed in the production of this posting.


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