Sunday, December 16, 2007

Food Review - Cookies

Ah,time for another review by me.Today review will be about chocolate chip cookies,which I love and hate at the same time.Love it for the taste,hate it for perhaps its calories,but who gives a damn anyway about getting fat if you see the jar of delicious crumbly cookies?
Firstly,lets talk about the presentation of the cookies.They were kept in a transparent bottle with a vivid red ribbon round it.This picture you see,the ribbon is tied by me after I stole from the cookie jar,so be assured when the jar was first presented,it was totally different.It looks like 10 times better.And it is important to note that I am clumsy and have failed art all the time.

Tastewise,the cookies were fantastic,they were so good that I resented sharing it with others.But no choice,since I am a good man.....bor pian.Look closely at the picture I took with my lousy camera phone.You can see the chocolate chips and the edge of the cookie is browned to the right colour.The texture in your mouth is great.It crumbles,dissolves,but still mantain a crunch to it.The taste of the cookies were buttery,sweet,and combo with the choco chips in them,gave me a "Oh my god,I died and went to heaven" kinda feeling.The aftertaste after the cookie is long gone still make us smack our lips in anticipation for the next cookie.
The passion of the chef slaving over the baking pan almost bring tears to my eyes.( abit exaggerated here )Infact the cookies were so great,I stole the rest of em home for my own consumption.

Presentation : 5/5
Taste : 5/5
Price : Priceless

Overall, the cookies should get 5/5,but as nothing is perfect,I am giving it only a 4.75/5 as the biggest problem with it is that you can't get enough of it.They leave you desiring more cookies.
Ah,so dear ladies and gentlemen,I guess many of you are already wondering where can you get such excellent cookies.Unfortunately,they were handmade and only a few selected individuals were lucky enough to consume it.

Kudos to the chef.They were divinely good


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