Sunday, March 16, 2008

If your mum and me were drowning,who would you save first?

If your mum and me were drowning,who would you save first? This is the question every single guy out there fears the most from his girlfriend. There is no really right or wrong answer.You can't say that you will ignore your mum totally just to save her,cause that would mean that you are a bloody callous bastard who does not care for own mother who work so hard to bring him up.

I have pondered about this question on behalf of my fellow men everywhere,and I am pleased to bring you some answer that I deemed were enough to satisfied most girls.

1)I am going to save both of you,even if it cause me my life,cause both of you are just too dear for me to live without either one of you. <---When saying this,please be as stern as possible,and for best effect,have a couple of tears coming out,pinch yourself if you must to make your eyes water.

2)I will save whoever is closer to me.<-----this is very risky,but it works well if you are studying economics or buisness.

3)I will save whoever weight the least.<---------For the love of god,if you use this,you are a bloody idiot,but if you think she is abit too fat,and want to her to lose weight,this could be a great idea to kill 2 birds with one stone,unless she manages to kill you first.

4)I will only save my wife,before I save my mum.<-----This question requires skill to answer.Why?Cause you didn't say that you will save her first,you are saying that you will put your wife infront of your mum,but that also means that you will save your mum before your gf.If she complains,just tell her that,she just have to marry you in order for you to save her first.

5)bor pian,say you can't swim lor........................

6)From buddy neo,whose excellent suggestion was to die with both of them,as both of em are too important to him.Once again,if you can force some tears out for effect,it would be perfect.

I hope I managed to solve this question for most of my buddies out there,if it backfires,don't kill me please.


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