Sunday, March 16, 2008

Questions to ponder

IF a person is blind from birth,and have never seen before anything in his or her life,is she able to understand beauty?Even if she is one of the prettiest woman in the world,how can she understand her own beauty even if everybody praise her?

If a person try his or her best to do something,even when we know their effort is futile,but even so,they refused to give up,do we admire them for their spirit,or do we laugh at them for being stupid?

Sometimes in life I wonder,why must we try so damn hard to prove ourselves,what for?If in the end we can't be happy with what we achieved,it is still the same old crap again.

But if we don't try our best,we may as well give up on life itself.

So never give up till the fat lady sings.


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