Thursday, June 26, 2008


I didn't really know how to explain this word untill recently.

I mean,if you wanted me to give the meaning of it,it is easy,but to describe it,how does it feel like,is much harder.

However,an incident that occured to me give me the realisation about how to truely explain this word.It is when A vision of loveliness starts to talk about old men digging their noses and sampling their hard work like Hors d'Ĺ“uvre,when a feeling of "HEY!This is totally weird" strike me.

Normally when you are walking a pretty girl home,what you see in movies is that there will be soft love ballads playing in the background right?

For my situation,there was music in the background also,except that it was the theme song from a very famous television series.

The best way to explain the feeling is like the feeling of knowing you just strike lottery and having a seagull take a crap on your head at the same time.You dunno if you should laugh or cry,or do both at the same time.

Ahhhhh,so this is how we explain the word Surreal.

P.S----The author of this blog just wanted to state that it was one of the most interesting dinner of his life....Wait,it is infact the most interesting dinner of his entire life,cause it was the first time he had somebody do a Leonardo da Vinci on him,and the masterpiece was a extremely interesting picture of a house with a mountain behind,with the sun shining brightly and snow melting,and it was done on a piece of napkin.

One of the greatest regret of his life is that he forgotten to take a picture of that piece of napkin cause one day,it could be worth millions.The food was fab,but more importantly,the company was interesting too.


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