Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My gayest post to date.

Ah,this xmas,I decided to start on my greatest cooking project to date.That is to bake some peanut butter cookies for my friends and family.Unfortunately,due to some technical errors,I wasn't able to produce enough cookies to give to everyone.

But have no fear people,after my intial batch of cookies went out to the guinea pigs,I will bake more batches in the near future to provide em to the masses.

The stuff I used are all pretty standard stuff,peanut butter,crushed pistacho nuts,butter,flour,baking soda,vanilla etc.

The peanut butter and the butter here ensures that the cookies will be loaded with healthy calories to bring you through your day!

Intially,the mixture looks alot like crap,alot of it being smashed up to a pulp.But thankfully,it looks a hell lot better later.

To be put in the fridge first.

The first batch of cookies in the oven.

The same batch of cookies as above.they look as black as a my mum's face when she discovered I skip tution to go play in the past.

With experience from the last batch,the new batch looks a hell lot better.

Looks darn pretty doesn't it?

I have to tell you guys that whoever get a stomachache from eating them,do not bother to try to sue me,I got no money for you anyway.If you didn't received any cookies from this batch,that doesn't mean that I don't like you,it is just that I wanted to make sure the cookies were safe before baking a new batch for you to consume em.

And for those that put on weight,please refer to those previous posts below,I hope they help.


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