Saturday, March 15, 2008

Guidelines to become a real man

If you are a frequent reader of this blog,you will remember that one of my objectives of this year is to become a man of men.Hench,I decided to come out with a set of guildlines for myself and other aspiring dudes,namely my pal Kelvin Cheng Xin De.

1)A man must not break his promise to another girl no matter what,he must try his hardest to fufill his obligations to the lady unless there is an emergency or something.One acceptable reason is that his house is on fire,and he have to run home to save his family and his pet.

2)A man must never ever,I mean,ever break a woman's heart under any circumstances.It is not ethical.It ain't right.

3)A man must never smoke infront of any woman,or children,or old people.If he is a smoker,he must smoke in a corner away from them.If the woman is a smoker,this rule can be ignored,but preferably not.

4)A man must be strong,for he must not only protect himself,he carries the burden of protecting those he love around him.

5)A man must never betray his friends,his buddies no matter what,nor try to steal from his buddies,their girlfriends.Such a man,is someone not worth knowing,cause for his own selfishness,he destroy his friend's happiness.

6)A man must learn how to cook,as well as possible,in order to cook for his future gf,as now most girls can't cook at all.This rule is for practical reasons really.

7)A man must always give up his seat to others that require it more,like old people,pregnant woman,crippled young boys reason is that a pregnant woman is 2 person,while you are only one person.Do the maths. situations when the woman is kinda fat and pudgy,and you have no idea if she is pregnant or just very fat,you must try your best to pretend very well and give up your seat.If there is a chance that you may offend her instead,it is wiser to sit in this situation.

8)A man must always go to the aid of a damsel in distress no matter what,even if it is 2 or 3 am at night.It is your duty.Too bad for you that you are born a man.

9)A man MUST NEVER EVER in whatever situation,use physical force on a woman.This is the worse of the lot.I deplore this sort of behavior.

10)A real man,must never ever wear a scarf in singapore.Cause if you does so,you are definately a homosexual.Refer to the post below on how to earn money if you belong to the scarf wearing catergory.

11)A man will try his best for a woman he love no matter what.Even if that requires him to be extremely stupid,he has no choe,cause love is a mark of stupidity anyway.

Even if the woman requires him to give up on baw kwa,or chocolates.or anything else,he should do what she requires of him,for his love.That is why I say all men are dumb.

If you peeps have anything to add to the list,feel free to let me know.


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