Friday, February 22, 2008

Girls dig sissy guys

I have been remarkably upset recently due to a lack of baw kwa so I decided to come with a totally random and interestingly totally gay post.

<-----A prime example of a buff but sissy looking dude,and most of the time,they prefer men to girls......

As you guys probably know,my theory of girls liking Ah bengs have been met with both positive and negative comments from my friends.Well,those that agreed with me,congrats for seeing the light,those that disagreed with me,usually are girls that refuses to admit the cruel truth.

Well,another interesting thing I usually noticed about girls is they like a guy,who doesn't really look like a guy at all.Sometimes,the guy look even prettier than them,but the girls love it!

Somehow,the trend is getting to be extremely disturbing for me,cause I am a 100% cannot look gay kinda dude,even if I shave my leg hair.

<----------If I turn sissy,I would look just as great as this man over here.

I have not done enough research into this disturbing trend yet to write a 10 page report,but I do know one thing for sure.Next time I get a son,I am going to start him young,turn him into a true-pink hot gay sissy that is definately still hetrosexual.That is bound to get him many pretty gfs.

Hot in pink,for you and me.
The sad part is I can't tell him from a girl.


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