Friday, March 7, 2008

The money post

In recent times,I have been thinking rather carefully on what I am going to do with my future.Here I am studying a degree,for what purpose?It took me a very long period to conclude that the reason why I am studying,is to achieve more wealth for the future.It is therefore my objective to get as much cash as possible before my retirement and I want to retire early,meaning that I must have lots of cash in the fastest time possible.

After considering my other options beside studying and becoming president of a bank of something,a process which will definately take more than 10 years,I discover 3 excellent methods of garnering oddles of moolah.

1)Rob a bank
2)Strike lottery.

Since I do not want to go against the law,and striking lottery has a chance of 1 in 8 million,I can only look to my 3rd method,which will be the most effective.......

3)I got to seduce micheal Jackson and force him to molest me so I can sue his pants off(no pun intended)

<<<---You see him in this picture,his eye filled with desire for tender,succulent,young strapping boys.....

<<----He beckons you to come forward To first find Wacko Jacko, we must first head to Neverland when he was last seen......

However,there is great danger due to the fact that neverland is call neverland as once you go never come out. Or at least,come out unmolested.

<<<-----This comic describes the ordeal and the moral dillema I am about to face,the biggest decision of my life.Do I let him molest me for 20 million US,or do I reach over and pull his nose off?

Alas................I discovered a very unfortunately loophole in my elaborate scheme,I have to be under the age of 10 first,before Jacko will even look at me,and I have not been 10 yrs old for a damn long time already.

<----------This Post has been mark with a seal of approval by pedobear. Hmmmmm,if all else fails.............I can still sue him,for not sexually abusing me,leading to me becoming depressed that I wasn't abused as I was overage.I am going to sue him for discrimmination.
Wish me luck!I will treat you all Ice cream and baw kwa with my new found millions!


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