Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A really whinny post

Disclaimer: This post will totally be about stuff that really pisses me off,so if you can take it,piss off too,thanks.

Well.....first of all,I am extremely hungry when composing this post,and extremely sleepy too.But to the heck with it.

First thing I am super pissed off with is why the heck does good tasty food always does great damage to your health? Food like bbq chicken wing, bbq pork, cheesecake, luncheon meat, chocolate fondue etc. It makes one so mad that one become as pissed off as a chicken squabbling over the last grain of corn with other chickens.

actually,scrape that thing above.I think having just a sparse meal and less than 3 hrs sleep in the last 24 hrs is doing alot to my emotional state.

Infact,I feel like I am having my pms mood now,which is not really the political correct thing to say due to the fact that
1)I am not female
2)I don't look like a girl
3)I am probably going to piss off all the girls that read my blog.

But this is true,I suddenly feel a sense of enlightenment in my pms mood state,no wonder girls can use pms as an excuse! It is really a very delicate yet emotional moment in my life when I feel like destroying everything around me,and consume every bit of chocolate that I can find,cept i can't find any.

I can't think straight at all.I feel like butter spread over too much bread.Spread too thinly.

Maybe it is the lack of sleep that lead to a couple of really stupid decisions tonight.I frankly regretted being so bloody hasty without thinking straight,but I never regretted being frank. (I know this part is confusing,but bear with me,I got pms now,and I got a right to be confused)

I sincerly hope that whatever damage I did today would be forgiven on the account of me having really bad pms.If you received any sms or msn message that seems to be written rather hastily,forgive my stupidity.

Damn the PMS.


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