Thursday, February 7, 2008

The tale of Archie the monkey that was retarded enough to shoot himself in the foot.

The hero of our tale today, is a simian, a extremely normal monkey who everyone call Archie or just plain A for short. A is a very unique monkey, due to his fondness for new year baw kua. As you know, one don’t really buy baw kua all year long, so on new year, it is almost the only time when A can manage to beg some baw kua from his zoo keepers.

This new year, it is frankly no exception from any previous year, except this year, Archie discovered that the zoo keepers have purchased a brand of top quality baw kwa that has a such a delicious smell that his saliva is drooling every single second. Being only a primate, he didn’t manage to eat as much baw kua as he would have loved to have. And seeing that delicious box of baw kua, A is very convinced that this year, every single bit of the baw kua would be devoured by his zoo keepers, and no bwa kua would be left for his consumption this year.

Since greed got better of him, this year, the stupid monkey decided to steal the whole box for himself without even thinking if that is the best course of action.

I will not go into details here, lets just say that he took some drastic measures, feint death, throw a temper, bit his zoo keepers etc and got shot by them as they thought that he is rabid but the reason why he was foaming at the mouth is cause he was so damn eager to get the baw kua into his mouth.

What a stupid bloody idiot this damn monkey is! If he had acted like a normal monkey like the previous year, he could have still gotten a few tasty morsels of baw kua and continue eating baw kua every year.hehe whole box for himself without even thinking if that is the best course of action for his consumption this year.

Moral of the story is too much baw kua can cloud your judgement and make you bloody damn stupid.


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