Sunday, February 10, 2008

My most tragic post ever.........

I have to admit to you guys,I am really hopelessly in love.

Last night was the same,as soon as my lips touch her,I had to lick every inch of her body.I was consumed with desire,and I know I am committing one of the deadly sins,but I can't stop myself at all.It is like a burning passion in my heart threatening to overwhelm my entire body.Every day,24 hours,1440 mins,86400 secs,I am constantly thinking about her only.

I have no idea why,but she is a attraction to me like no other girls ever would be.I know it ain't healthy to me at all.But,I can't stop myself no matter what,when I see her,I just want to bring my lips as close to her as possible.....

If I got to describe her,I have to say she is the sweetest thing ever.....and her frangrance is like no other at all....

I love her with all my heart,I really do.But sadly,all good things must come to an end.

I cry a bucket of tears today,cause today is the day I will detached myself from all my emotional attachment to her,for both our sake......sorry.I really can't stand looking at you anymore,cause the more I look,the more i just want to put my hands and lips on you.

Whenever I hold you,I can never bear to let you go. To give you up,is like asking me to give up breathing air,every moment spend without you,I feel suffocated.

I am sorry.

I am hopelessly in love with baw kua,but unfortunately,the calories aren't really that healthy and it is taking a toll on my wallet too.

I love baw kua,but the love affair between me,baw kua,and fats is a constant struggle with fats always gaining the upperhand.

P.s.If you believe in fate my dearest baw kua,you know that time won't really seperate us too long,I will become a better man for u next year during this time again.

I got to stop talking about giving my dearest baw kua up cause tears are threatening to cloud my eyes again.

Every moment without you,
is a moment I can't fly,
every minute without you,
is a minute I can't smile.
Why did my love have to come so far,
to only have it smashed against the rocks?

This is a part of the song I wrote for you.....when I see you again,I will sing the rest of my song.I won't say goodbye forever,I will just say it for this moment.

I will always miss the sweet salty taste of the one last kiss with you.

C'est La Vie.................


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