Sunday, February 3, 2008

The day I ran with a camera and 2 bags in my hands.

The 3rd of feb is a historical landmark in my very very exciting life indeed.It was the first time I try to chase down a movie/singing star.That dude's name is Jay Chou.As you guys probably know,I am no fan of him,but unfortunately I was with 3 other fanatics.

I was very very impressed with his legions of fans,cause I thought I was a hardcore guy towards food,but they were more hardcore in chasing down Jay Chou.One very pretty lady I know even ran in her high heels,after which she took em off and ran in her bare feet.You gotta be impressed at that!

I managed to get some random pictures of Jay,but it is a pity I was pushed away by his guards.It is a sore temptation indeed not to push away his guards and wrestle Jay Chou to the ground so I can take his pictures,not for my sake,but the sake of others that liked him so much.

The fun part about chasing a star is that it is like a constant chess game,the chasers trying to play mind games with the security teams,and the remarkable demand on your top physical health.Next time he comes,I will get together a crack team of aunties that are fans of him,cause aunties are the best in getting what they want by hook or by crook.

Aunties would be great in a rubgy match!

The only low point in my plans is that they aunties may be hardcore enough to strip the poor dude naked.
Heck,I will just use em as my last resort special technique and sell...ahem,I mean give the pictures of Jay Chou in the buff to my good pals Celine and Gaylord Mok.


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