Saturday, June 28, 2008

The greatest discovery ever!

You know, it is a very disturbing trend why girls always tend to like gay-sissy metrosexual dudes. It has taken me almost a decade to find out the reason. The reason was there all along, just that I was too blind to see it,

It was during a fateful chat with a certain friend online when we started a conversation on tomboys. I told her that most guys prefer a tomboyish girl rather than a girly girl providing that both girls look the same due to a few excellent reasons.
1) Tomboys don’t mind having fun or getting a little dirty compared to girly girls
2) Tomboys are usually a lot more independent, and guys like girls with that kind of attitude
3) Tomboys are usually more direct and frank with you

It was when I was explaining to her the reason why guys like tomboys when I started to think from the other direction. It is so SIMPLE!

Girls dig sissy metrosexual dudes for the following reason
1) They pay more attention to their fashion sense, but they are still sissies
2) They are emotional, and doesn’t go the strong guy routine of trying to keep everything to himself as to not let the girl worry, which means that girls really dig emotional wrecks
3) Sissies usually are also direct, but they have more tact when talking to girls, they won’t call u fat in your face, but they may make it sound nicer like “this dress just isn’t you” etc

So guys, that is the answer why we real men will always lose to homoerotic metrosexual sissies, and we can’t blame em, we can only blame ourselves, so always trying to act strong, and refusing to wear male g-strings but insist on wearing our own comfortable but crude boxers.


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