Saturday, October 18, 2008

What is love?

What is love? Often people asked themselves or their friends this question, yet they are unable to come up with the right answer. Am I qualified enough to give you the answer? I am not so sure, it is for you to judge.

In my utterly fantastic and ultra happening life, I have never told a woman that I love her. I may have had girlfriends before, but I still didn’t tell them that. Is it because I don’t care for them? Nope. The reason is that because I believed that word to be sacred. I believe that one should only say it to those they can confirm at the moment that “goddamn it, this is the one woman I don’t mind giving up eating Ben and Jerry for the rest of my life.”

In simple words, I will only say it to the one I feel that is the only one I am going to say it to for the rest of mine life. I did care for my ex-girlfriends really, but I was still in the process of knowing them more when everything went Kaput!

Well. Lets not harp on the past should we?

Okay, fast-forward to the present day. I personally think that falling in love is a rather scary thing. I am personally goddamn afraid of falling in love. You do stupid things. It makes you extremely stupid. You lose weight and sleep over it. It isn’t very healthy.

But, only through love will you realized that for once, you can do so much, you can feel so strongly about something so utterly unexplainable. To feel that strongly about somebody, is an entirely new experience for me. Alas, sometimes things may not go as well as you expected.

I learned a few things really, which is great. Through an observation point of view of course. But when you are one of the major characters it is really kinda tragic really.

1) Looks isn’t everything in a relationship

2) If she likes you, she likes you. If she doesn’t, no matter what you do, you are wasting your time and effort.

3) If you truly think that you love her, you want her to be happy no matter what happens. You will support her in whatever decision she makes.

4) Everything happens for a reason, if she doesn’t appreciate you, I am sure someone else does

5) Last but not least………………..When you feel that all hope is lost........................remember there are ppl out there that care for you.........I can name you the two person right now. They have been a vital part of my life all these years, always supporting me in times of need. They are my friend, my family, and they given me the passion to live on strongly......

Thank You! Ben And Jerry!!!!!


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