Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The post about love

Today, Mr. Alvin Chua will attempt to lecture about the forbidden 4-lettered word, the word L-O-V-E, or 爱情.

This word is extremely unique; it makes people do things they normally don’t, like dancing around in the rain, grinning from ear-to-ear. Or the person may do something really insane, like murder his or her rival in a fit of jealousy, or die for their lovers when they are required to do so. In short, we have to agree that love is rather stupid, especially if you love the other person more.

Okay, there is many people that believed in love at first sight, especially girls, who always wanted to meet the prince charming of their lives, a dude is full of wit, handsome, charming, filled with charisma, drives, cooks up a storm in the kitchen, rich, and isn’t afraid of being seen as a sensitive new age guy by reading her world., and the best part is they got a great voice and are musically inclined, they can play Canon D on the piano etc. This kind of guy exists, but sad for the ladies, they usually do their shopping at New Urban Male, and they don’t shop there for the excellent choice of clothes, but more for the tanned hunky male assistants…..We conclude here that God is truly fair to give us lesser men a fighting chance.

Okay, back to point, love at first sight, it DOESN’T EXIST AT ALL! OMGAWD!

Why? Love at first sight, means what? You see the other person, your face starts to get really red, and you start to feel really hot. Congrats. You are just feeling really horny. It you still think it is love at first sight, ask yourself this simple question, would you donate your kidney to this person you just saw? No? It is just Lust at first sight, thank you.

Love is when you are willing to sacrifice something for somebody, like giving her your favorite Ben and Jerry ice cream, or willingness to endure physical body pain, like yoga class with your better half, to wrestling a crocodile to save him or her. That is love. You can’t love somebody within a space of 10 min. You don’t even understand the person, much less love them. Love is knowing the other party, and liking them, and spending a lifetime trying to know the reason why you like her in the first place.

The important thing about love is that, we must always bear in our minds that, religion and love, can’t mix. Don’t ever give an ultimate to the other person, “you are either with me, or you are against my religion and you don’t love me enough”. Instead, you are the one being terribly selfish. Screw your bitchy friends that ask to separate with your better half because they refused to join your religion yeah? God says it is good to love, so love freely without any restrictions.

I know a lot of people like to hang on to past relationships here, especially the girls. They are often naïve enough to imagine that their asshole son-of-the-bitch ex-asshole boyfriend will one fine day, see the light and come crying back to them. Sadly girls, stop dreaming, really, I understand your feelings here, I really do. But a leopard can’t change its spots, even if you give them a marker pen, because their paws can’t grab markers. Stop being a life buoy to them for god’s sake. What are you? You are just somebody dangling along on his false hope to you that he will change, but you are only there is he can’t find any other ladies, so he will come flying back to you. You are really worth much more than that you understand?

For the sad lonely souls out there who have never tasted love, maybe you guys are the lucky ones.

Is it better to not tasted love at all, or is it better to know love and lose it?


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