Saturday, August 9, 2008


I do not have any source of inspiration for any more posts anymore.

Oh damn,am I finally turning normal?Well,since I am no longer emo,nor eccentric for the past 37.4 hours and 13 sec,I will post about one of my lifelong loves.

Chocolates,lucious delicious creamy mouth watering melt in your mouth and taste so good that you have the I-died-and-went-to heaven kinda expression on your face

There was a really rough patch in my life.I was bogged down with my studies,and many personal issues.Things were spiraling downhill for me a a extremely rapid rate.I was losing control of what was happening around me,and at the rate things were going,I was seriously considering sucide,but I am kinda afraid of pain.(okay,slightly exaggerated here,but you get the rough idea)

It was almost like PMS for guys,except that there isn't any blood thankfully.

I used to not believe in day,I tasted my first piece of Godiva Chocolates.It was,really good.It almost moved me to tears.

The softness I felt when my world is disarray,the beacon of light in my state of confusion,were all gone in an instance.I no longer felt as if I am moving around in the dark with nobody to guide my way.The taste envoloping my mouth,was like the warm embrace of a mother and her child.The lingering taste of cacao long after the chocolate was consumed was like the faint taste of a lover's last kiss after a breakup.

The memory was good, was really sad.But it taught me,like all good things,bad things will come to an end also.

Therefore,in honour of that memory,I decided to eat chocolates everyday if possible.


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