Saturday, August 16, 2008

Super duper THEORIES of the universe

A interesting topic to ponder today. If a girl is in love with money, and I know how to make money, is she indirectly in love with me? A lot of girls say she only loves money, and not me. But look at it this way, when asked the reason why do they like their boyfriends, many reasons were given like,

1) He is handsome
2) I admire him for his talent (Piano, Singing, tap dancing etc)
3) He is really nice

So let just assume that after being with him, and one fine day, assuming you like him cause he knows piano, and he is involved with an accident. Would you still love him after that? Actually, we can put

4) He got load of money

as a 4th point here. But perhaps my male friend sum things up the best. To know if she loves you or your money, you just have to go and die, and leave her your money. If she rejoiced, you are really screwed beside being dead.

A woman,if she seeks money in a relationship,and a guy seeking a beautiful face and a hot body,is actually not that bad according to science.Imagine us to be animals(actually,we are animals),the woman wants a mate that can provide for her young.The guy wants a beautiful mate to make sure his genes are pass down.So next time you see a materlistic woman or a guy goes for the face,pls understand them. They are only animals.

Another part of today’s discussion is Olympic medals and us. Seriously, who gives a damn about whatever medal we get? Not that I am racist, but it seems to me we are buying the medals. They played for Singapore due to their requirement for liquid cash, and we are happy with their medals. It is just a damn transaction.

It is like you paying another man to have a kid with your wife, and you feel damn happy about it, when you get a kid. No matter what happens, you are still screwed in one way or another, except for this situation, your wife is the one getting s…… you kinda get the analogy already.


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