Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stupid women

Before I get shoot down by anybody for this article, let me clarify myself first.

YES, I think you women are freaking damn dumb, not majority of you, but a substantial amount of you that convinced me to write this article. When I am writing this, I admit I can’t hold back the feeling of contempt and disgust about the mindset of many ladies.

You girls always want someone who is nice, protective of you, caring, understanding, and the works. Yet when I give such a guy to you, you prefer to choose another guy whom is totally not in the same league as him. You all always prefer the sweet words of a guy who is obviously trying to play you out, preferring lies over truth, charm over honesty, and swagger over results.

You know what?


When a guy gives his all for you, you acted coyly, when one goes after you with bull-blazing passion, you accepted him with rashly without thinking it through your head. Equally bad are your gossipy friends that are equally dumb, that have only given you nothing but awful lousy advices like the true bimbos they are? Not to say, women can’t give good advice, but in love matters, you either look for another lady who is really smart enough to judge everything accurately rather than shriek and think that they are some goddamn love guru. Often your girlfriends get suckered in by the same guy that suckered you in also. This is an advice, next time just ask a close male friend of yours whom isn’t interested in you at all about your potential suitors. He probably would be able to judge everything better than your stupid bimbo girlfriends.

Is what I am saying coming true? Those girls aren’t equipped with an ADR? Asshole-detection-radar? Guys are biased, we can see this particular individual, and don’t like him immediately. We are able to tell if the dude is a jerk, or has a hidden agenda. I have been able to detect quite a number throughout the years, and amusingly, other guys always have the same particular nagging feeling about the same individual that we think is a jerk. And the point is, we are always correct.

They say you girls have woman’s intuition, bullcrap, it works for nuts. When was the last time it worked sister? Even when it works, and the alarm goes blaring and blazing red, you ladies do nothing but shrug your shoulders and think everything will work out eventually. A leopard doesn’t change its spots that fast, Keep thinking that you are the one that is going to change him. Good luck, the previous few girlfriends he cheated also felt the same way till either he dumped them or they woke up from their stupor themselves. Those that woke up are the lucky ones.

They say that love is blind. I agree.

I have another saying. It is because people refused to open their goddamn eyes. Maybe if you girls don’t open your eyes wider and think with your head instead of your heart for once, maybe there would be a lot less jerks in this world. I still can’t understand woman, if one have to lie and sweet-talk em all the way to be able to impress them, honestly, I rather be gay. The reasoning is not valid at all, it is like me saying that I hate pain, yet I keep on pulling off my armpit hair out, or me saying that I am totally not gay, just that I happen to like guys.(not true btw, I am using an analogy, cause sadly, I am 101% straight)

Don’t get me wrong, I hate jerks more than I hate stupid women. But sometimes, life is like economics, there is demand, there is supply. Just like fur coats, people know how cruel it is to buy one, yet they still buy it. Can you girls just be slightly less naïve for once?

For the rest of the nice guys, my final words for you is that, Love is not about trying to survive the storm, but more of learning how to dance in the rain.

(P.S, NO, I didn't get dumped. I just couldn't take the stupidity of some ppl anymore. Pls freaking wake up your idea.)


At March 14, 2009 at 9:46 AM , Blogger Rika S said...

hahahaa. I really like this post:)


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