Thursday, November 27, 2008

My disease

Since I was 13 yrs of age, I had been suffering from a strange disease. I seem to be strangely drawn towards the prettier ones of the fairer sex, while remaining perfectly stoic among their less outstanding friends. It is also at this point in my life, I begin to develop a highly irrational fear and anger of people of my same gender trying to hug or grope me. It could be just a friendly gesture, but for some cockdamine reason, I just hate my own gender getting close to me.

I wonder why am I friendlier to pretty girls, why can’t of strange illness is that. When they are beside me, I seem to do nothing but grin and bare my teeth. It is a strange disease indeed, when their mere words reduced whatever thinking mind you had to mush. I have often attempted to conquer my disease by knowing more pretty girls, thinking that as long as I am used to them, they may not affect me that much. And maybe finally, I can be cured totally.

But no, it didn’t.

The closer I get to them, the more overwhelmed I am by them. There is only one kind I am immune against. It is those pretty girls but with the IQ of a mashmallow, as they may look pretty at first, but soon, you discovered that they have nothing but clouds in their head. The problems lays with those pretty girls with brains, you don’t see a lot now, but the reason is simple………………….They are just pretending to be stupid.It is totally horrible. They act stupid, gaining your trust, and they overwhelm you and swallow you whole.

One must often be aware of his surroundings and to defend himself or run away the moment men-eaters like them rear their ugly heads. I suggest buying Rebok Air to run faster.It is only recently I discovered the source of my disease.

I think it is because of puberty……..


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