Friday, January 2, 2009

The odds of you finding your dream guy/girl

Today while having a walk with my brother, we had a casual conversation on the odds of finding our dream girl. It suddenly strikes me to come out with a new mathematic formula to determine the percentage of us finding our dream girl/guy.

It is in fact, extremely simple. For example, we will now choose to use a lady for demostration. We will call her Miss X, as we have to protect the interviewee's identity.

Miss X when questioned on her ideal dream ma, came out with a number of criteria that seemed extremely reasonable.


2)can cook

3)sensitive,mature,sincere,great sense of character

4)have substance/ambitious


6)someone trustable



9)cannot be crude

Using her dream traits, I decided to assign them a random variable, one that is as close to the real percentage as possible and checked with her if the numbers are to her satisfaction, to ensure that I am not biased.

1)sporty 50%
2)can cook 30%
3)sensitive,mature,sincere,great sense of character 30%
4)have substance/ambitious 30%
5)humour 50%
6)someone trustable 20%
7)chemistry 25%
8)kind-hearted 25%
9)cannot be crude 50%

50% meaning that 50 out of 100 guys are sporty. 30% meaning that 30 out of 100 guys can cook and so forth.

To get the odds that shows her ideal man, we can do this
50/100*30/100*30/100*30/100*50/100*20/100*25/100*25/100*50/100=0.0000421875 rounding off to 0.00004 or 4 out of 10000. And an interesting point of this observation is that Miss X is actually has quite low-expectation for her dream guy. I know many girls that has much higher expectations like having a car, rich, tall, romantic etc.

Okay, now is time to calculate the odds for a normal hetrosexual man. I will just be fair here, I will throw in two traits that is compulsary, a great figure and a beautiful face.( guys fall in love thru their eyes. girls fall in love thru their ears--wise words from Miss X )

1)beautiful 25%
2)great figure 35%
3)can cook 10%
4)intellegent 30%
5)kind-hearted 30%
6)chemistry 25%
7)humour 35%

After calculations, the odds I got are 0.00006890625 or rounded off to 7 in 10000.

This probably is an indication of man having lower expectations compared to woman. Also just a word, the guy who was interviewed intially gave me alot less traits compared to the woman, I just added in a few to balance it out abit more.


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