Monday, January 25, 2010


Recently I and a female friend of mine had an debate that was totally about boobs. Boobs, as far as most men are concerned, were worth the rib that God took from Adam to make Eve. The moment we are born, boobs gives us life! Breast milk! In fact, it is like the most wonderful thing in the universe, and definitely better than playstation 3! Small boobs, medium boobs, big boobs, we love all boobs except for men boobs.

You know, if not for boobs, a lot of people would be jobless? All those plastic surgeons, lingerie models and those huge companies selling lingerie that employs thousand of people like Victoria Secrets etc. They are also the reason for many actresses overwhelming fan support. Do you think we love Megan Fox because she can act? I don’t think so.

One curious point of the debate I have is that why are men so attracted to boobs, they are just lumps of fat on a woman’s chest. Maybe it is because boobs are covered. Maybe if women go around topless and covered their noses instead, the nose would instead become a focal point for men instead of boobs. It would be an interesting concept but I doubt there would be enough women who are deranged enough to test this idea out.

Another curious question of the debate was why do some girls persist in wearing sexily or wanting larger boobs if they hate men staring at them. This is a weird love-hate relationship. They hate it when guys look at them yet they like to wear little. And if a guy doesn’t look, they feel insecure about their own looks. It is actually very complicated to understand women. My friend enlightened me to the reason why would women want bigger boobs. She just asked me, if I would prefer a shorter manhood. Only then I understood why are bigger boobs so important to girls. It is a matter of their pride.

This topic make for interesting discussion people.


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tis entry mean nothing ;) not interesting!


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