Thursday, May 14, 2009

Taken from facebook post, Do I believe in fate?

I have often wondered about the above question, of the existence of fate. Sometimes, I would think that it is useless to fight against destiny, but to leave everything in the fair hands of Fate and her best friend Lady Luck. Why not? It is often useless to fight against the inevitable right? It you are meant to strike lottery, or a girl is meant to fall in love with you, it will definitely happen regardless of what you do.


My personal belief is that although fate exists, it is only there to facilitate your choices. Given the hunch of winning lottery numbers, you realized that you still have to fork out money to buy a ticket right? Of course I would like it if people do not quote me here and blame me for their loss in their aspiration to gain wealth and control their own destiny. In simple words, I think that opportunities are always there to be grabbed, but if we sat on our butts all day long. Somehow someone may come forward and take what belongs or should have belonged to you. Opportunity loss often include bf/gf/winning lottery tickets/business and many other stuff which I can’t think of at the moment.

On the other hand, fate plays a huge role in everything also. For example, I could be taking the Train and saw the most beautiful woman in the world. Or perhaps, I saw Jessica Alba. Of course, being a 100% Heterosexual dude (I know that Iris thinks otherwise), a guy wouldn’t really mind if he knows her right? Problem is, does he go forward to introduce himself to her on the train? If he did that and she developed a friendship with her, he must either look like Andy Lau or he is a very fortunate man. The odds are that she would just turn a cheek or try to edge as far away as she could from this guy. But lets say maybe a year later, he met her at a company function, of course he could have the opportunity to know her better. Imagine what would have happened if he want to know her on the Train, and she shunned him, and they met each other 1 year later? Would he get the unbiased opportunity to know her? Probably not, I guess.

Everything happens for a reason. One must not sit around on his butt waiting for things to happen, but no run into everything recklessly, believing in nothing but himself. It is like a guy with two twisted ankle riding on a tricycle, self-induced accidents are bound to happen sooner or later.’

Ending this article, my view is that fate is here for you to make a choice, and if things never happen the way you wanted, don’t always blame the poor girl if you refused to do anything. On a light note, I heard that swinging a cat over your head at midnight gives good luck, but I don’t recommend that anyone tries it. The cat would scratch.

Anyway, if the questions you spotted for exams is wrong right, is Luck's fault cause you got suay face.

P.S-PPl whom got tagged in this post, reason is either I know that you have often been reading my blog and I lazy to post it up there, or have been requested by them to tag them so they can read my post easier. Another reason could be that you are a person with many views and I always find them interesting. If nothing applies to you here, just take it that I find you pretty hot. For example, Desmond, I have often find him very fit and find myself gushing like a secondary school girl meeting her celebrity crush for the first time.


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