Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random poor attempts at writing lousy poems

Melodic strains

Dear Babe, How hard I find to describe thee,
The melody of the wind straining through the gaps in your teeth,
Sets my heart ablaze with passionate flame.
Yet I can never look straight,

At yonder your direction,
For it seems that to do so,
Is to commit a Sin greater than hate,
For I am waning of worthiness,

To glimpse upon perfection,
So I will only stand afar,
Hoping once again I may,
Listen to the melodic strains of wind.


Tonight a friend leaves for faraway,
A moment to be far too soon,
Alas, there is little to be done,
Less one other to share our sorrows,
Or joy that tickle us to happy tears.

As we share moments with one another.,
Journeys through both joy and sorrow,
The sweet lass smiles lit a thousand hearts,
Setting aflame all our burning hearts,
With her giggles all around!

Fate has brought us together,
Bounded with friends forever in life,
We laugh together all at once,
Wondering now if we can do the same,
When the lady we loved goes away.

There is but little words I now say,
And many more I want to say,
But goodbye is not the word,
As we all know we will always,
Love her passionately all the way.

Hot summer night

I toss and turn this hot summer night,
Weary and alone in my empty bed,
Alas, it is meant to be for me only,
Less one other to share my sorrows,
Or joy that tickle us to happy tears.

Fate has indeed, dealt me a cruel blow,
To be a guy of unique character,
One more different from all others.
I wonder often what makes my head tick,
Being insane, eccentric and slightly sad.

It is hard to express deepest ambitions,
To leave the longest lasting impressions,
For the fairest lady I chanced upon,
To look much less of the fool I am,
I acted like twice the fool I already am.

I soon end this with a tired sigh,
Wondering if I can muster some strength,
As my heart pounds harder than a dozen men’s,
To tell the lady that stolen my heart and breath,
The truth for little difference it would make.


Fools kisses by the fountain pool,
As lovers embraces while flowers die.
Would the worthy Amaranth’s steel resolve,
Save it from to unhappy fate.

Why would this small hardy weed,
Stand strong through sleet and grit.
While the fair fabled blue rose,
Sheds beautiful petals and cry?

Once we reach the end of the road,
Will light from the Amaranth,
Or the wilted petals of the blue rose.
Show us what was over or could been?

All of those above stuff was written by Alvin Chua when he was feeling rather bored. And No, he is not emo if you are curious about it.


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