Thursday, June 18, 2009


“Fearless does not mean an absence of fear, love can overcome fear”. This quote was taken from an unknown female friend of mine. We were like usual, debating about the weirdness of guys and girls being in a relationship. How can two fundamentally creatures coexist and get married together?

I have this thought that most couples never ever work out is not only that they don’t trust each other; they probably don’t deserve the trust anyway. Many a times, when in love, not only a particular individual lie to others, he or she may not be perfectly honest with themselves. Why is that so? The reason I would think is fear. They fear rejection. They fear that they may lose their pride if they need the other party more than their better half needs them. They are afraid of being hurt most of all. As a result, so many relationships didn’t have a good ending, and even more potential relationships didn’t start due to fear.

Me being the hum chi wimp and the legendary pussy that I always was, thinks that fear is stronger than love. Reason being that as babies, our base instinct is fear before loving others. Every creature’s instinct will tell it to survive and to survive; we have to fear dangerous stuff like fire or heights etc. We had to learn how to love when we are much older. Love for our parents, siblings, friends, and our spouses.

However, when this lady pal of mine told me the above quote, I was like Woah, totally enlightened instantly. From my interpretation of the wise one, everyone fears. We are fearful of life, but we still get on with life each day! Love can overcome fear if you have plenty of it to go around. The reason why we joined the army is due to love for our family and friends, and of course I am ignoring the fact that we are also conscripted to serve in the national service.

Of course before losing your fear, one must first lose their ego. That is actually the hardest part, throwing away one’s pride. I am honestly afraid to throw away my pride as I wonder how much I would be worth without it. I am currently worth around 40 thousand at max now, due to my poly diploma and my degree if I can get it in 6 months. After subtracting my pride, I am probably worth much lesser.

Anyway right, just to add a bit more lines, shooting stars only work the first time you wish upon one, the 2nd time right, it doesn’t work at all. So be smart and wish for something long-term and not something really short-term like I did. It is dumb.

For example, if you wish to strike lottery, don’t wish for 4d, wish for toto immediately. Or if you like a girl, don’t wish to know her better, instead wish that you could be together. Aim far and you will go far. Shooting stars illusion is created by all the evil directors of Taiwanese or Korean dramas to cheat girls only.


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