Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Odac ladies.

I have something to declare here. I think that girls from Odac are the most magnificent and spectacular creatures in the world. If anyone ever had a question about the possibility of god, let me tell you, he exists. It is improbable that evolution could have created girls so wholesomely perfect. They are all bright, wholesome, sweet and gentle creatures that can melt even the hardest stone. Their beauty can only be measured by their wit, and even so, one has problems finding a exact ruler to measure their strengths. How does one measure infinity? It just isn't possible at all.

Outgoing and always loving, they climb mountains with great ease, putting men to shame. Even when odds are tough, they never ever give up at all, always giving a smile, a grin, and two-thumbs up. They also have incredible agility and speed as one can see, from the way they managed to slot themselves in the least amount of time into every nook and cranny whenever a picture is to be taken, and still appear photogenic without a single hair out of place.

One can't help but be smitten by both their good looks and personality, they would charm the socks off a old geezer. Without further ado, I will now attempt to describe them as best as I could using as little words as possible.

Starting with my batch, Serping, Iris, Lynn, Zivx, Melissa, Sharon, Shirlyn, Jeannie, Jiajia.

Serping: Always ready with a smile, she has taught me the value of being considerate for others. My fondest memory of her is when she kept the Mcdonald's tray after eating, and I thought that this is admirable indeed. Kenny is a lucky man.

Additional points for knowing how to bake.+1 for cheesecake

Iris: Cute, not in the ugly but adorable manner, but truly cute, this girl is often worrying for others and everything else. Her laughter is one of the things you first notice about her, and often, she is able to make random strangers fall in love with her. She is happily unaware of her cuteness, and she dislike that word. She thinks that Nesh is Awesome. Her only weakness is Ice cream.

Lynn: Energetic and bubbly, one good reason to join odac for guys, is for the opportunity to know this lady. She was able to charm a guy at the bike shop to give us discounts, and I doubt that any other guys would have gotten the discount. Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend who is twice as muscular as any other guys out there.

Zivx: Tall and good looking, her role as the da jie of odac, is that of a professional PR manager. She is very charismatic and she has a very mature mindset, probably due to her experience in the working world. She is not going to have any lack of suitors. One memorable thing I recall is that she is the only gal I know who wears make up at camp. This shows us how professional she is, even at camp.

Melissa: The first thing you ever notice about her is her smile, followed by the curls in her hair. Her laughter comes next, and she is like the first ray of the sun after a heavy downpour. Yao quan is a lucky man too.

Additional points for knowing how to bake.+1 for cupcakes.

Sharon: Model, tall, leggy, and an appetite that just won't quit. Amazingly, her figure won't quit also. Yet for someone of so many strengths, her greatest strength is her humbleness.

Shirlyn: One very unique girl indeed, as she smiles, with her eyes. Her voice is that of a elderly sister, soothing and calm. But her random bouts of hysterical laughter never fails to put a smile on your face.

Jeannie: This girl here is like a younger sister to everybody. Guys instinctively feels protective towards her, like that of a father or brother, and her kayaking experience is indeed a joy to watch. It gives ppl great laughter.

Additional points for knowing how to bake.+1 for cupcakes.

Jiajia: A very gentle girl, JiaJia is a great Npcc instructor. Sometimes, one can't help but wonder where her mind is wandering off to, but she worries for everybody alot. Very kind-hearted, her warmth is always welcomed in this cruel vicious world.

Now for our freshies: Pamela + Kylie, Brenda, Daphy + Shuqi, Sheila. Wanting, Mich, Jiali, Pearl, and Wanshan

Pamela + Kylie: This two girls are fit, tanned, and have a couple of nuts loose in their head. But for all the craziness they presented, they are always the life of the party, and it is always a joy to see them every time. They would make really great wives, if they ever learned how to cook one fine day.......

Minus points for Potentially unsafe and hopefully edible food.-1

Brenda: Gorgeous but always there with a blank look in her face. However, the gears are constantly moving around in her head, and she thinks alot. She is rather independent and ppl are attracted to her white teeth smile like bees to honey. She is a nice girl cause she loves Ben and Jerry.

Additional points for knowing how to bake.+1 for Oreo cupcake.

Daphy and Shuqi: Seemingly opposite of Pam and Kylie, this two girls seems to be quiet at first. But once you know them, you realised that they are much more than who they seem to be. Daphy is a great driver and a better observer, and her opinions are always well-thought and good.

Shuqi, unlike a famous starlet of the exact same name, is instead a good looking girl-next door person. I do advise her not to play poker too much, as her face is too easy to read and too honest. She can't lie at all.

Additional points for knowing how to bake.+1 for ceral tibits

Sheila: The current VP of odac, she is certainly better looking than the previous vp, no offense to Daven as I am unfortunately straight. One thing you notice about her is that she seems to know what she is doing at all times, and guys spot her strength the moment they see her. They seem to know that there is something very special about this lady.

Wanting: Doremon lover, and happily scattered brain, but the classic example of a kid sister every guy want to have, she was able to teach me one of the most valuable lessons in my short but exciting life. She taught me that actually I can take bus 52 home and changing to bus 852 or 855, is able to get home alot faster than my usual route. For that I thank her.

Oh yeah, she is also the lucky girl who managed to go on a solo date with 5 odac hunks.

Additional points for knowing how to bake.+1

Mich: Awesomely pretty, great driving skills, she reminds me of a fairy princess in white on her 21st birthday. She is friendly to everyone she sees, and her chirpiness is very very contagious.

Jia li + Pearl: This two girls are categorised together due to their love for cats. Cats are indeed one of the more feared animals according to most ladies, and the fact that this two girls like them, is indeed admirable. Reason why they are nice as they love cats is actually due to the author being biased as he really appreciates cats a lot also.

Pearl and Jia Li have the same admirable trait, in that they are very protective of the girls they are with.

Wanshan: You will notice her voice even before you even see her, it is amazing how much energy she possess. She is extremely excitable, and often, is the main source of noise at any party. With her, one has a hard time trying to get bored, and like always, Elton is indeed a lucky fellow.


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