Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Tale of the Eagle that can't get to fly.

There was once a flying contest in which all the birds were damn excited about.The winner of the contest is going to get a all-you-can-eat-buffet voucher at the ritzy new restaurant in town.Among all of them,there was this particular eagle that had just join the colony of birds.Relatively new,there was general mistrust among the other birds and him.There was however nothing wrong with the eagle at all,he is vegetarian,so he doesn't hunt other birds to eat,and he treats all the other birds in a civilised manner.

Well,every single bird decided to take part in the contest,including the eagle,who spend alot of effort training every single day,learning new aerobatic maneuvers,flying for long distances and gradually increasing his speed every single day.

However,on the day of the contest itself,the eagle,who was a very likely candidate to win the contest,wasn't even permitted to take part in it,due to the fact that most of the birds there wasn't really comfortable with him,as they never really bothered trying to know him at all.Yet ironically,they allowed the cuckoo bird who often destroy their eggs in order to lay her egg for them to keep,and allowed the bloody stupid parrot who does nothing all day long but utter nonsensical vulgarities in their face to take part in the contest.

The eagle wasn't even given the slightest chance,just because,he wasn't in the neighbourhood long enough,or he didn't know anyone there in the first place.

He is very much like a fetus who was aborted by his mother without even given the chance to live.


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