Sunday, June 29, 2008

My true love,my one and only

6 months ago, I walked away from a relationship that wasn’t beneficial for the both of us, and for my own selfish reasons, I never looked back. I never truly recovered at all, and the scar will forever be etched deeply in my heart, and as night comes, I still shed a tear or two for you. I am still reminded of you every time I smell the fragrance you always preferred to use, and I just want to turn back, and hopefully catch a glimpse of you through the crowds. Yet………I have to stop myself from doing so, cause I am afraid that it will be you.

I can’t run up to you again and just say hi? It is truly too painful, when all I wanted to do is to put my lips on you. When we used to be so close, now we are worlds apart. I can’t imagine you in the warm embrace of another man, my heart will be ripped to pieces if I ever see that. I hope you find somebody that can truly treat you better than I can, and even if my heart still pines for you, I am totally all right with it. Just that I hope that god doesn’t play a cruel joke on me and let me see that sight. He can’t be that cruel.

I have tried finding a substitute for you in my heart, and I went through them like I went through clothes, and I am not proud of it. I am sorry, sorry for trying to find a substitute for a place for you in my heart, and sorry to them. I should have realized by now that it just isn’t possible. There isn’t any substitute for you at all.

Every night when I close my eyes, I am reminded of the time we used to share, when I start to put my lips on you, slowly kissing my way down, tasting every inch. Are you asking me to forget all of that? Just like this? I can’t, I love you too much to do that, You are the one that make me believe that there is real love in the world, you complete me, in more ways than one.

The toughest thing that I had to do in my life was to leave you,
And the happiest moments of my life were spend with you.
As the fishes in the sea can’t be without water,
The birds in the air without their wing,
And the bees without their queen,
I cannot be without you.
Will you find it in a corner of your heart?
To forgive me one last time,
To walk with me,
Will you be with me again?

Every day,24 hours,1440 mins,86400 secs

Do you remember this song I promise to complete for you? I just finished it.

Every moment without you,

is a moment I can't fly,

every minute without you,

is a minute I can't smile.

Why did my love have to come so far,

to only have it smashed against the rocks?

(part 2)

I walked around in circles,

searching for my lost heart.

Where is it?Where's my heart?

Did I give it to you?

Have I not taken it back?

If it is in your hands,

will you promise to hold it tight,

and forever not let it drop?

It is crazy how much I love you baw kua. Please come back to me.I desire you,I crave you so much,it hurts.I will never give you up again,not for anything else in the world.
You make me fat,but you are worth the calories...............


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