Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can somebody please....

As above,mind your own bloody business.

It is a rather disturbing trend I noticed that is happening around,and I don't deny that I have been part of the mob also.

But,not only that you are not helping,you make things alot worst by causing misunderstandings.For a moment of fun,of laughter,you could have screwed everything up.

As you all have done before.Sometimes there is still an uneasiness between me and my friend due to all your questions.2nd time liao leh friends,you all buay sian,I also kan pua sian.Sure,I can take some speculations now and then,but perhaps it is time for you guys to consider what the other party if feeling for once?You are giving someone else a rather difficult time,I can take the heat,sure,no kick for me,I can totally joke about it,but perhaps not the other person?

We all speak too much without thinking,for that we are all guilty of the charge of getting our friends or ourselves into hot water at one time in our lives at least,you guys are unaware that jokes can get overboard at times.

Some words,once spoken,can't be taken back lightly.I am royally screwed now,in more ways than one.I need to get myself Ben and Jerry now.bah.

I am not pissed,I am just .........kinda disappointed in everything else,how things has turned out,how your "fun" lead to my feeling of being screwed by Micheal Jackson with a baseball bat.And the best part is,not one of you is drunk.


At August 3, 2008 at 3:47 AM , Blogger Mandy said...

Hey, chill pal. Can totally understand how you are feeling. Just don't lose confidence ya?


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