Friday, April 10, 2009


Hi, everybody. I am going to tell you something that is very upsetting to me for a very long time. I probably wouldn't have type this note out, if I am sober now. Just went drinking with some mates, and I am not thinking right for a bit, so bear with me pls.

I wonder if anyone here has the misfortune of seeing a chubby lady zaogeng, run light, downblouse, or whatever you want to call it. I really want to complain here. It is not that I have anything against fat ladies since I am not really a 6pack muscular strapping young male gigolo myself, but I know that since I am not a muscular strapping young male gigolo with 6 packs, I don't usually walk around showing ppl my belly button. I got the decency to cover it up. But nooooooooooo, some gals think that flab is fab, and insist on showing everybody it by dressing in a skimpy manner, showing the world their bosom that one can hold a dinner party on, or a asscrack that contains within it, the mystery of the black hole itself.

Point to note, I have nothing against fat girls really, since I am not technically a manhunt model myself. But I object against fat ladies purposely wearing very little. They should wear something that show off their charm. For god's sake, imagine Moses Lim wearing speedos, not very nice right? Of course if you are Jessica Alba, I won't protest so much, but then again, if Brad Pitt wear speedos, you girls won't complain also right?

And really, I would love it if I am given a choice to choose if I want to see somebody zaogeng. I thought that it is the most basic of human rights, the choice to choose? But if a lady that has too many extra bits hanging around walk by me, it is not that I want to look it is that I wasn't given a choice at all due to the fact that she is obstructing my view.

I realised that some people would say that everyone should have the freedom to choose what they want to wear, but in doing so, they force others to look at them, becoming the oppressor themselves.

And do you know how many nights I spend crying in my bed due to the horrors I seen? My eyes bleed when I see what I don't want to see. Even when I close my eyes, it is already too late. At the moment I saw the image, the memory is etched forever in my mind. I feel that I am being taken advantage of, like they are doing it on purpose, getting a sick thrill flashing themselves to me, or the rest of the world. There is just so much a guy can take, I did nothing really evil or wrong, to deserve such a punishment.

Please, ladies that lack the figure(or have too much of it), do not purposely expose yourself to the world. Accidentally is fine. Not on purpose. I realized that to my horror, that there are girls that are obese, but trying to expose themselves to the world in order to boost their confidence. Is it fair that they get their confidence level up, but take away a guy's innocence forever? Think.
I think I will protest by wearing my jeans very very low, and bending down on purpose to pick up imaginary coins, thus exposing my buttcrack to those girls for revenge.


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