Thursday, January 10, 2008

My dreams.

What am I seeking in life? People have asked me this question for like the past 20+ years of my life。My answer is always the same, it is my dream to always be a gundam pilot. After I saw Gundam Wing, all I wanted to do was to pilot a giant mecha and go around fighting about gundams. In fact, it has been my wish to either see a Real gundam before I die, or to die piloting a Gundam. I would be dead, but at least I would be freaking cool when I am dead, I hope.

A huge Ka Boom and I will go to my 72 virgins in the sky. Oh crap, I just remember, I am no muslim, so I just self-destruct for nothing. Damn..............

The 2nd part of my dreams, after I become abit more self-aware of my surroundings, is to be able to find the perfect burger that gives me the so good "I died and went to heaven" kinda feeling. It is my dream to eat this burger. I am however painfully aware that just because it is huge,doesn't really mean that it is good to eat, and I probably can't finish the damn thing.. But I will die trying, with my face stuff full of beef. Why? The same reason why people climbed mountains for, cause the mountain is there.

p.s (most of those ppl that climb mountains are idiots, so am I)

But of all my dreams, I do have the most unrealistic dream which I left for the last one. That is to find true love. It is so unrealistic it is the biggest joke I ever posted on this blog!


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