Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year Resolution

This year,since it is such a screwed-up new year,I decided that I had to have a new resolution.This Year,I decided to embark on a project to become the manliest man alive.Why?Cause I had nothing better to write for a new post I think.

First we got to determine what factors that seperates a boy from a man.

1)Physical strength
3)Attitude in life
4)His kindness
5)His ability to bake cookies in his feeble attempt to hookwink the readers that he is a Sensitive new age guy

This guy is a real man,if we can ignore the weird way he died in another girl's bed and rumour to have been killed by steriods misuse.

Super fit.Hard to achieve,but rather try my best to look abit like him,10% can liao,instead of looking like the other guy below.

"oooooohhhhh,get me some fried lard,I love fried lard!"

Also rather unhealthy to look like this dude

<<-------------------here But fat people are nice people,cause I am nice.

"What determines the worth of a man,is his will to get up,no matter how many times he have been knocked down to the mat"

"The reason why a man is strong,is not his physical strength,but the weight behind his fists,his passion,his dreams,and people he wants to protect"

So apparently from today onwards,I will go about my manly life by saving damsel in distress from flying cockroaches and thugs.Help old ladies cross the road etc etc.Hopefully by the end of this year,I won't make a resolution like "I won't bother with making stupid resolutions for next year"

And to my dear friend 'censored handsome young dude's name' ,do not give up hope yet,for your sister's sake.No matter what happens,you must know that your army friends always love and support you,so try your best.You won't die in your weight loss program,but if you do,I will give more "white gold".

Good luck become a man this year 'censored handsome young dude's name' .You have to protect your sister from the wolves with your new found physically fit body.Whack the crap out of em.


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