Friday, January 25, 2008

The Story of Seymour the Gay Frog

This is the sorry tale of a frog named Seymour which is our lead character in this tale. Seymour was like every other frogs, he came from an egg with thousands
of his brothers and sisters, and spend life as a tapole trying to evade larger predators. Yet,even when he was just a little tapole, he knew he was a little different from his other brothers. When his other brothers were chasing after the girl tapoles everyday,Seymour found out that he is the happiest when swimming around with the pretty guppies,or sometimes,he enjoys nothing more than a good old game of tag with his brothers,chasing their butts.He would never play with the girls however.

Fast forward 2 months later,Seymour grew into a very strapping young male bullfrog indeed,but he was still the same gay prissy faggot inside.While his brothers and sisters were practising the good old fashioned mother nature's way of incestous relationships,Seymour was contended and busy playing with himself.

But today is a special day,today is the day Seymour got really high for the first time in his life.Like every other day,it was ordinary,it started with eating flies for Seymour,gossiping with his pretty guppies friends,and watching his brothers trying to impress his sisters.As you know bullfrogs could suck in alot of air,and make themselves swell really huge to impress the ladies,kinda like guys sucking in their tummies and puffing up their chests.

Seymour,since he never tried impressing girls,never tried making himself swell up before,so being very bored and so very gay,he decided to try to make himself swell up by blowing and inhaling the air,just like his bros.To his pleasant surprise,Seymour discovered he liked being swollen,and full of hot air.He decided to inhale and blow himself up more and more,and suddenly,he took in too much air,so he started to float into the air.

Seymour was never so excited since he caught a glimpse of his brothers taking a swim together,so he decided to get higher,and see a better view of the world.He keep on blowing and and blowing,getting higher and higher,but at this very moment,a bird flew past Seymour,who was bloated up like a balloon,and poke Seymour with his beak.Poor Seymour exploded.

The morale of the story is if you are gay,try not to make yourself too high, by blowing yourself too much,incase a bird come and poke you,and you will explode.


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