Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Questions to ask oneself

1)If I see a woman wearing red in the middle of the 7th month at midnight drowning in the canal, would I jump down and save her?

Well, excellent question here.I will jump down and save her if she is ugly.Cause if she is pretty,that means that the odds of her being a ghost is relatively high. Also importantly,check the water level of the canal,if it looks like it is less than 50 cm deep,there is something wrong with your woman in red apparently.

2)Do I believe in fate and karma?

Not really, cause you often see jerks(yes,even the ugly ones) with really pretty girls. But I do believe in myself alot more,everything is in my own hands depending on how much I want something.But sadly,I don't really believe that much in karma nor fate for another reason,as they say the good will be rewarded.If that was true,Jessica Alba would be my girlfriend right?

3)If Small eyes like rain were cool.....

Then why ain't I half as popular as RAIN from korea?He got small beady eyes,just like me!
Oh yeah....he got a 6 pack and can dance up a storm too.

4) Why the heck do Elton John and Micheal Jackson like guys or small kids?

It doesn't make sense when they are rich and talented enough to get any girl they want,yet they prefer something disgusting and horrible,like me for example.

5)It is like 3 am now,and I got school tomorrow.

So why the hell am I typing this instead of snoring in bed?