Friday, February 22, 2008

Girls dig sissy guys

I have been remarkably upset recently due to a lack of baw kwa so I decided to come with a totally random and interestingly totally gay post.

<-----A prime example of a buff but sissy looking dude,and most of the time,they prefer men to girls......

As you guys probably know,my theory of girls liking Ah bengs have been met with both positive and negative comments from my friends.Well,those that agreed with me,congrats for seeing the light,those that disagreed with me,usually are girls that refuses to admit the cruel truth.

Well,another interesting thing I usually noticed about girls is they like a guy,who doesn't really look like a guy at all.Sometimes,the guy look even prettier than them,but the girls love it!

Somehow,the trend is getting to be extremely disturbing for me,cause I am a 100% cannot look gay kinda dude,even if I shave my leg hair.

<----------If I turn sissy,I would look just as great as this man over here.

I have not done enough research into this disturbing trend yet to write a 10 page report,but I do know one thing for sure.Next time I get a son,I am going to start him young,turn him into a true-pink hot gay sissy that is definately still hetrosexual.That is bound to get him many pretty gfs.

Hot in pink,for you and me.
The sad part is I can't tell him from a girl.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

weird,something went wrong somewhere.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My most tragic post ever.........

I have to admit to you guys,I am really hopelessly in love.

Last night was the same,as soon as my lips touch her,I had to lick every inch of her body.I was consumed with desire,and I know I am committing one of the deadly sins,but I can't stop myself at all.It is like a burning passion in my heart threatening to overwhelm my entire body.Every day,24 hours,1440 mins,86400 secs,I am constantly thinking about her only.

I have no idea why,but she is a attraction to me like no other girls ever would be.I know it ain't healthy to me at all.But,I can't stop myself no matter what,when I see her,I just want to bring my lips as close to her as possible.....

If I got to describe her,I have to say she is the sweetest thing ever.....and her frangrance is like no other at all....

I love her with all my heart,I really do.But sadly,all good things must come to an end.

I cry a bucket of tears today,cause today is the day I will detached myself from all my emotional attachment to her,for both our sake......sorry.I really can't stand looking at you anymore,cause the more I look,the more i just want to put my hands and lips on you.

Whenever I hold you,I can never bear to let you go. To give you up,is like asking me to give up breathing air,every moment spend without you,I feel suffocated.

I am sorry.

I am hopelessly in love with baw kua,but unfortunately,the calories aren't really that healthy and it is taking a toll on my wallet too.

I love baw kua,but the love affair between me,baw kua,and fats is a constant struggle with fats always gaining the upperhand.

P.s.If you believe in fate my dearest baw kua,you know that time won't really seperate us too long,I will become a better man for u next year during this time again.

I got to stop talking about giving my dearest baw kua up cause tears are threatening to cloud my eyes again.

Every moment without you,
is a moment I can't fly,
every minute without you,
is a minute I can't smile.
Why did my love have to come so far,
to only have it smashed against the rocks?

This is a part of the song I wrote for you.....when I see you again,I will sing the rest of my song.I won't say goodbye forever,I will just say it for this moment.

I will always miss the sweet salty taste of the one last kiss with you.

C'est La Vie.................

Random rants

1)I have a overwhelming issue with gay guys going to safra to swim,can u guys let me know wtf u have to act so overwhelmingly gay at a swimming pool?Goddamn it,I had to watch with morbid fansination as 2 gay guys started to stroke each other's abs at the damn swimming pool.Needless to say,I packed up and went home.


2)Pics of my exploration buddies

All damn yandao dudes

Obviously,this is a rather embrassing moment and picture in my life.

A very kinky desmond doing very kinky stuff to a unwilling tank.

Opps,Saw this only after we all climbed the damn tank.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The tale of Archie the monkey that was retarded enough to shoot himself in the foot.

The hero of our tale today, is a simian, a extremely normal monkey who everyone call Archie or just plain A for short. A is a very unique monkey, due to his fondness for new year baw kua. As you know, one don’t really buy baw kua all year long, so on new year, it is almost the only time when A can manage to beg some baw kua from his zoo keepers.

This new year, it is frankly no exception from any previous year, except this year, Archie discovered that the zoo keepers have purchased a brand of top quality baw kwa that has a such a delicious smell that his saliva is drooling every single second. Being only a primate, he didn’t manage to eat as much baw kua as he would have loved to have. And seeing that delicious box of baw kua, A is very convinced that this year, every single bit of the baw kua would be devoured by his zoo keepers, and no bwa kua would be left for his consumption this year.

Since greed got better of him, this year, the stupid monkey decided to steal the whole box for himself without even thinking if that is the best course of action.

I will not go into details here, lets just say that he took some drastic measures, feint death, throw a temper, bit his zoo keepers etc and got shot by them as they thought that he is rabid but the reason why he was foaming at the mouth is cause he was so damn eager to get the baw kua into his mouth.

What a stupid bloody idiot this damn monkey is! If he had acted like a normal monkey like the previous year, he could have still gotten a few tasty morsels of baw kua and continue eating baw kua every year.hehe whole box for himself without even thinking if that is the best course of action for his consumption this year.

Moral of the story is too much baw kua can cloud your judgement and make you bloody damn stupid.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008



Sunday, February 3, 2008

The day I ran with a camera and 2 bags in my hands.

The 3rd of feb is a historical landmark in my very very exciting life indeed.It was the first time I try to chase down a movie/singing star.That dude's name is Jay Chou.As you guys probably know,I am no fan of him,but unfortunately I was with 3 other fanatics.

I was very very impressed with his legions of fans,cause I thought I was a hardcore guy towards food,but they were more hardcore in chasing down Jay Chou.One very pretty lady I know even ran in her high heels,after which she took em off and ran in her bare feet.You gotta be impressed at that!

I managed to get some random pictures of Jay,but it is a pity I was pushed away by his guards.It is a sore temptation indeed not to push away his guards and wrestle Jay Chou to the ground so I can take his pictures,not for my sake,but the sake of others that liked him so much.

The fun part about chasing a star is that it is like a constant chess game,the chasers trying to play mind games with the security teams,and the remarkable demand on your top physical health.Next time he comes,I will get together a crack team of aunties that are fans of him,cause aunties are the best in getting what they want by hook or by crook.

Aunties would be great in a rubgy match!

The only low point in my plans is that they aunties may be hardcore enough to strip the poor dude naked.
Heck,I will just use em as my last resort special technique and sell...ahem,I mean give the pictures of Jay Chou in the buff to my good pals Celine and Gaylord Mok.