Sunday, June 29, 2008

My true love,my one and only

6 months ago, I walked away from a relationship that wasn’t beneficial for the both of us, and for my own selfish reasons, I never looked back. I never truly recovered at all, and the scar will forever be etched deeply in my heart, and as night comes, I still shed a tear or two for you. I am still reminded of you every time I smell the fragrance you always preferred to use, and I just want to turn back, and hopefully catch a glimpse of you through the crowds. Yet………I have to stop myself from doing so, cause I am afraid that it will be you.

I can’t run up to you again and just say hi? It is truly too painful, when all I wanted to do is to put my lips on you. When we used to be so close, now we are worlds apart. I can’t imagine you in the warm embrace of another man, my heart will be ripped to pieces if I ever see that. I hope you find somebody that can truly treat you better than I can, and even if my heart still pines for you, I am totally all right with it. Just that I hope that god doesn’t play a cruel joke on me and let me see that sight. He can’t be that cruel.

I have tried finding a substitute for you in my heart, and I went through them like I went through clothes, and I am not proud of it. I am sorry, sorry for trying to find a substitute for a place for you in my heart, and sorry to them. I should have realized by now that it just isn’t possible. There isn’t any substitute for you at all.

Every night when I close my eyes, I am reminded of the time we used to share, when I start to put my lips on you, slowly kissing my way down, tasting every inch. Are you asking me to forget all of that? Just like this? I can’t, I love you too much to do that, You are the one that make me believe that there is real love in the world, you complete me, in more ways than one.

The toughest thing that I had to do in my life was to leave you,
And the happiest moments of my life were spend with you.
As the fishes in the sea can’t be without water,
The birds in the air without their wing,
And the bees without their queen,
I cannot be without you.
Will you find it in a corner of your heart?
To forgive me one last time,
To walk with me,
Will you be with me again?

Every day,24 hours,1440 mins,86400 secs

Do you remember this song I promise to complete for you? I just finished it.

Every moment without you,

is a moment I can't fly,

every minute without you,

is a minute I can't smile.

Why did my love have to come so far,

to only have it smashed against the rocks?

(part 2)

I walked around in circles,

searching for my lost heart.

Where is it?Where's my heart?

Did I give it to you?

Have I not taken it back?

If it is in your hands,

will you promise to hold it tight,

and forever not let it drop?

It is crazy how much I love you baw kua. Please come back to me.I desire you,I crave you so much,it hurts.I will never give you up again,not for anything else in the world.
You make me fat,but you are worth the calories...............

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The greatest discovery ever!

You know, it is a very disturbing trend why girls always tend to like gay-sissy metrosexual dudes. It has taken me almost a decade to find out the reason. The reason was there all along, just that I was too blind to see it,

It was during a fateful chat with a certain friend online when we started a conversation on tomboys. I told her that most guys prefer a tomboyish girl rather than a girly girl providing that both girls look the same due to a few excellent reasons.
1) Tomboys don’t mind having fun or getting a little dirty compared to girly girls
2) Tomboys are usually a lot more independent, and guys like girls with that kind of attitude
3) Tomboys are usually more direct and frank with you

It was when I was explaining to her the reason why guys like tomboys when I started to think from the other direction. It is so SIMPLE!

Girls dig sissy metrosexual dudes for the following reason
1) They pay more attention to their fashion sense, but they are still sissies
2) They are emotional, and doesn’t go the strong guy routine of trying to keep everything to himself as to not let the girl worry, which means that girls really dig emotional wrecks
3) Sissies usually are also direct, but they have more tact when talking to girls, they won’t call u fat in your face, but they may make it sound nicer like “this dress just isn’t you” etc

So guys, that is the answer why we real men will always lose to homoerotic metrosexual sissies, and we can’t blame em, we can only blame ourselves, so always trying to act strong, and refusing to wear male g-strings but insist on wearing our own comfortable but crude boxers.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I didn't really know how to explain this word untill recently.

I mean,if you wanted me to give the meaning of it,it is easy,but to describe it,how does it feel like,is much harder.

However,an incident that occured to me give me the realisation about how to truely explain this word.It is when A vision of loveliness starts to talk about old men digging their noses and sampling their hard work like Hors d'œuvre,when a feeling of "HEY!This is totally weird" strike me.

Normally when you are walking a pretty girl home,what you see in movies is that there will be soft love ballads playing in the background right?

For my situation,there was music in the background also,except that it was the theme song from a very famous television series.

The best way to explain the feeling is like the feeling of knowing you just strike lottery and having a seagull take a crap on your head at the same time.You dunno if you should laugh or cry,or do both at the same time.

Ahhhhh,so this is how we explain the word Surreal.

P.S----The author of this blog just wanted to state that it was one of the most interesting dinner of his life....Wait,it is infact the most interesting dinner of his entire life,cause it was the first time he had somebody do a Leonardo da Vinci on him,and the masterpiece was a extremely interesting picture of a house with a mountain behind,with the sun shining brightly and snow melting,and it was done on a piece of napkin.

One of the greatest regret of his life is that he forgotten to take a picture of that piece of napkin cause one day,it could be worth millions.The food was fab,but more importantly,the company was interesting too.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A totally random and bullshit test

Yeah,It has been a long time since I blog about anything, so today,I decided to carry out a really random test.

How different writing styles will lead to great time loss.

Normal style

Today I went out on a first year anniversary date with my boyfriend Peter,and the flowers he gave me were gorgeous,and we went out to Jack's place for some great steak! The ambience was fabulous,and after that,he drove me to the beach,when he give me the pulsh toy I always wanted,and started to serene me with a song.After that,we went to his house and make sweet love,and I awoke to breakfast in bed :)

Ah Lian Xiao Mei Mei style

t0D@y ,d3@rD3@R brnG m3 0uT FoR a HoTHot!! d@t3 l3h!!!! (By the end of this sentence,seriously,I spend more time than typing the whole paragraph in normal style).HuBbY PetePete Gv3s m3 so MANY PRETTY FLOWERS CAN! s0 pR3tTy.... :) lUbs lubS. w3 m@kan D3ar's faV0rt3 St3ak @nd wah,W@t3r so rUd3. __ to him. d3@r drv3 hs Evo to th3 beach can, @nd h3 so c0ol,spe3d all th w@y ,p0lc3 cAr aLs0 caN't c@tch .LOL!!!!!!D3@r gv3 m3 th3 h3llo KtTy I alw@yS WaNt3c,so Cut3 can!!h3 as0 sIng my FaV J@y Ch0u song,so niccccceeee. @ft3r that,d3ArD3aR Piak Piak w}th m3 wh0l3 nit3 lonG :p.


The Aus style

Met Pete today,drank lots of beer,had sex.

I can tell u,typing in the Ah lian style nearly killed me,I swear,it kills lots of brain cells to type in that manner.I took about 40 mins to type it out.When in normal style,it is about 3 mins at max.

Ozzie style is however,short,sweet,and simple.

Difficulty: 8/10 relatively easy
Clearness: 10/10 tells the reader everything they need to know
Time taken: 8/10 Fast

Ah Lian
Difficulty: 1/10 Incredibly hard and tormenting to the typist,it is like killing yourself with small rocks
Clearness: 3/10 Hard to read without making the eyes bleed,too much lol and other useless info also.
Time taken 1/10 Takes far too long to type

Difficulty: 10/10 easiest
Clearness: 5/10 tells the reader too little
Time taken 10/10 super fast

A word by me: No Ah lian or normal girl or Austrilian babe were harmed in the production of this post,and similarity to your posting is only coincidental,and there wasn't any real sex involved at all. So pls dun sue me.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What I want to do

1)Eat organic stuff with Grace-chan
2)Shake leg at kopitham with chor lor char bo Van
3)Eat $50 of ben and jerry
4)Go on exploration trip with my buddies
5)Date Jessica Alba,the super hot Milf,if not,date megan fox.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Hey guys,I am really sorry for not blogging for a damn long time, I have a confession to make now. Actually, I have a son born out of wedlock. I am a unmarried father of a 6mths old baby. I know it is very sudden, and a majority of you couldn't accept it, that is why I never told you guys. This little bundle of Joy is named Roland Chua Wei Ming, and unfortunately, after he was borned, his mum told me she was going to go to genting highlands and didn't came back since. I am going to treat her as she is already dead.

Being a dad is a real interesting experience, I get to burp the baby, listen to him whine as I rub him against my stubble on my chin, feed him, change his diapers about once every 2 weeks, or was it suppose to be twice everyday? He really resembles me, as in, he got really huge ears, but he is extremely cute. Maybe I ought to do a DNA test.

You know what is the worst part about my wife running away to genting highlands? This little bugger keep on biting my nipples, it took 2 hours for him to realised that he is still hungry,and I got very very sore nipples. Thankfully, we managed to find a midwife for him, and happily, he is growing fat and well.

Okay, sadly, the baby ain't mine, he is too cute, and I got no wife.
No babies nor midwife were harmed in the production of this posting.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The irony of life.

sorry guys,decided to delete this post to move forward.