Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love or Religion?

Hmm, before I continue on with this topic, please understand that this topic could be involving religion, and if it offends you at any point while reading, stop reading. I rather you not read than to curse me and think have a lower opinion of me, if it is possible to go down any lower.

I am sure that at some point in life, some of you guys and gals could be unfortunate enough to have to choose between the two choices, or at least heard of your friends being involved in the above mentioned situation. You could be given an ultimate by your better half, who wants you to join him or her religion in the name of love. If you refused to do so, you don’t love him/her enough.

Just curious here, would you force your bf/gf to eat spinach or a vegetarian spouse to eat meat just because you eat meat? Even if they really hate what you are forcing them to do? I doubt so.

You know, trying to save the soul of your better half is a jolly thing to do, but you have like dunno how many years to do it after getting married right? You can nag at him or her all the way, and even at the end, if he/she croaks without embracing your religion, don’t worry. As long as you are god-fearing/loving and chummy with the guy up there, I think he is definitely going to present your spouse with a ticket to heaven also. You buy shoe got buy one side only meh? Confirm must buy a pair what, he won’t take you and leave your spouse to hell one lar. (Anyway, this is but my view, incase he send your spouse to hell, please don’t blame me, I am not going to pay emotional damages to you for fraud misrepresentation)

One thing I totally cannot understand is how some religious organization cell groups can be, the so called family that take malicious pleasure in breaking apart a happy couple. The reason is always that they feel that the unfortunate bf/gf isn’t in that religion, and they often pile pressure on their group mate till he or she is breaking up mentally. It often results in a break-up, or a “forced” conversion. Even worst, there have been many incidents of a jealous cell group member who likes his or her group mate, so they are the ones inducing hatred to outcast what he/she think is a love rival. This kind of individuals, are what I usually refer to as ASSWIPES. Which is lower and dirtier than an asshole, as ASSWIPE is the tissue paper you use to wipe your ahem-ahem after doing big business. With friends like this, who needs an enemy?

If you love somebody, love him or her with every cell in your body, and not listen to your “Brothers” and “Sisters” for even when they are your friends, they may not be thinking of you, but for themselves. They are like the Ku Klux Klan, but instead of Africans Americans, they are seeking people of other religion to lynch on.

Should you go for the same religion and ignore every other person if they are from another religion? Let me ask you ah, you eat Singapore Rojak right? Cause you are Singaporean. Then why you eat Penang Laksa, Japanese Sushi, Italian Pizza and French fries from France if they are not even from Singapore? Do you need a reason to like them? I guess not.

Reason is simple, almost everybody loves fries, but it is unhealthy, greasy and gives you high cholesterol, but you still like it right? You everyday eat Singaporean Rojak you won’t sian meh? And it doesn’t mean that you are Singaporean, you have to eat Rojak what! What if I don’t like rojak at all?

Okay, now my take on religion. I feel rather sad for the guy below, Satan. You see, he gets the blame for everything. Every single movie likes to portray him as an insensitive jerk who wants to do nothing but rule the world for eternity. His life is already sad enough due to Hollywood. But weirdly, every one blames him for what they are doing wrong. This part here has not been exaggerated, and I have seen concrete examples.

Tripped over a root on the floor, “FUCK! Satan wanted me to fall”. (I think it is just a root growing out, and if you must blame, blame yourself for being cock-eye)

At a particular preaching service “Will who succumbed to temptation and watched porn please rise up your hands? It is Satan’s tempting you to watch porn”。 <--This is hilarious, as this is a pretty convenient excuse. Hell, if I watched porn, it is cause I wanted to watch it, not some red guy with horns on his head and hoofs for leg forcing me to watch it.

At the same time, if you believe in god, please note that he only help those that help themselves, and not guys who whine all the time. Even if he want to let you strike lottery, you have to go buy the lottery ticket first right?

Uh…….by the way, the Author of this post has many Christian, Catholic, Muslim, a couple of hindu friends, and a bunch of Buddhism and Taoism friends. His father is a Buddhist, mum and brother free thinker. He has a lot of Catholic relatives. He has also attended church for a number of years, and he isn’t a believer in Atheism.

If there is any comments, try not to make it a religious comment, but perhaps your view only.

Comments like “My god RaxX0R more than J0o’s” or “There is no God in the world” will be deleted.

Sinkai, if you are commenting, please put a normal answer for once and do not attempt to promote anything.

I will delete it immediate if you put crap.Anyway, instead of Love or Religion, lets try to make it love and religion K?