Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random poor attempts at writing lousy poems

Melodic strains

Dear Babe, How hard I find to describe thee,
The melody of the wind straining through the gaps in your teeth,
Sets my heart ablaze with passionate flame.
Yet I can never look straight,

At yonder your direction,
For it seems that to do so,
Is to commit a Sin greater than hate,
For I am waning of worthiness,

To glimpse upon perfection,
So I will only stand afar,
Hoping once again I may,
Listen to the melodic strains of wind.


Tonight a friend leaves for faraway,
A moment to be far too soon,
Alas, there is little to be done,
Less one other to share our sorrows,
Or joy that tickle us to happy tears.

As we share moments with one another.,
Journeys through both joy and sorrow,
The sweet lass smiles lit a thousand hearts,
Setting aflame all our burning hearts,
With her giggles all around!

Fate has brought us together,
Bounded with friends forever in life,
We laugh together all at once,
Wondering now if we can do the same,
When the lady we loved goes away.

There is but little words I now say,
And many more I want to say,
But goodbye is not the word,
As we all know we will always,
Love her passionately all the way.

Hot summer night

I toss and turn this hot summer night,
Weary and alone in my empty bed,
Alas, it is meant to be for me only,
Less one other to share my sorrows,
Or joy that tickle us to happy tears.

Fate has indeed, dealt me a cruel blow,
To be a guy of unique character,
One more different from all others.
I wonder often what makes my head tick,
Being insane, eccentric and slightly sad.

It is hard to express deepest ambitions,
To leave the longest lasting impressions,
For the fairest lady I chanced upon,
To look much less of the fool I am,
I acted like twice the fool I already am.

I soon end this with a tired sigh,
Wondering if I can muster some strength,
As my heart pounds harder than a dozen men’s,
To tell the lady that stolen my heart and breath,
The truth for little difference it would make.


Fools kisses by the fountain pool,
As lovers embraces while flowers die.
Would the worthy Amaranth’s steel resolve,
Save it from to unhappy fate.

Why would this small hardy weed,
Stand strong through sleet and grit.
While the fair fabled blue rose,
Sheds beautiful petals and cry?

Once we reach the end of the road,
Will light from the Amaranth,
Or the wilted petals of the blue rose.
Show us what was over or could been?

All of those above stuff was written by Alvin Chua when he was feeling rather bored. And No, he is not emo if you are curious about it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


“Fearless does not mean an absence of fear, love can overcome fear”. This quote was taken from an unknown female friend of mine. We were like usual, debating about the weirdness of guys and girls being in a relationship. How can two fundamentally creatures coexist and get married together?

I have this thought that most couples never ever work out is not only that they don’t trust each other; they probably don’t deserve the trust anyway. Many a times, when in love, not only a particular individual lie to others, he or she may not be perfectly honest with themselves. Why is that so? The reason I would think is fear. They fear rejection. They fear that they may lose their pride if they need the other party more than their better half needs them. They are afraid of being hurt most of all. As a result, so many relationships didn’t have a good ending, and even more potential relationships didn’t start due to fear.

Me being the hum chi wimp and the legendary pussy that I always was, thinks that fear is stronger than love. Reason being that as babies, our base instinct is fear before loving others. Every creature’s instinct will tell it to survive and to survive; we have to fear dangerous stuff like fire or heights etc. We had to learn how to love when we are much older. Love for our parents, siblings, friends, and our spouses.

However, when this lady pal of mine told me the above quote, I was like Woah, totally enlightened instantly. From my interpretation of the wise one, everyone fears. We are fearful of life, but we still get on with life each day! Love can overcome fear if you have plenty of it to go around. The reason why we joined the army is due to love for our family and friends, and of course I am ignoring the fact that we are also conscripted to serve in the national service.

Of course before losing your fear, one must first lose their ego. That is actually the hardest part, throwing away one’s pride. I am honestly afraid to throw away my pride as I wonder how much I would be worth without it. I am currently worth around 40 thousand at max now, due to my poly diploma and my degree if I can get it in 6 months. After subtracting my pride, I am probably worth much lesser.

Anyway right, just to add a bit more lines, shooting stars only work the first time you wish upon one, the 2nd time right, it doesn’t work at all. So be smart and wish for something long-term and not something really short-term like I did. It is dumb.

For example, if you wish to strike lottery, don’t wish for 4d, wish for toto immediately. Or if you like a girl, don’t wish to know her better, instead wish that you could be together. Aim far and you will go far. Shooting stars illusion is created by all the evil directors of Taiwanese or Korean dramas to cheat girls only.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Swine Flu

Holy smokes, pigs have wings!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Is Photoshop and makeup+camera angle 45 degree tilt down a Necessary evil?

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Due to very busy schedule recently as I am trying to enjoy my youth, I haven been posting up any new articles. However, as I had insomnia and couldn’t sleep for the last 3 hours, I decided to write something that I may not have written if I was sober and sane. It is 7am btw, and the birds chirping outside my window is irritating the crap out of me. Only by writing, may lessen the need to grab any object at hand and flung it at the nearest blasted feathered pathetic excuse at the end of the dinosaur’s evolution path. How birds evolved into dinosaurs, I will always be curious but that is another tale for another day. Back to topic.

I am sure everyone of you have seen pictures of girls that are like woahhhhhh! The pictures they put in facebook or Friendster, is that of a adorable sweet young thing, looking coyly at the camera, with their head slightly tilted to an angle. In fact, many of those girls look just like models in the pictures! However, this being sad reality, means that most of the time, the girls in the picture would be lucky to look half as gorgeous.

I know of a particular lady(no, she may or may not be in my facebook, but even if she is, you won’t know who she is) who has shoulders broader than me, and is probably 20 kgs heavier than me (Around 90 kg). However, her expertise in using photoshop to edit her image, and her camera angle and tons of make up is able to make her look 30 kgs lighter. In the picture, her complexion is similar that of a baby by using bad lighting, and when taken from the trial and tested legendary 45 degrees pointed down, her chest and cleavage would be the envy of Pamela Anderson. Of course one would question her motives for posting such a provocative image online of herself. I had the misfortune of encountering her image when surfing hardwarezone forum, and got a rude shock when I saw that I knew the girl in the image. If the pictures of her posted were even 10% more provocative, and I am a braver man, I would have dug my eyeballs out.

One however, do have to admire the way the picture was set up, everything seemed to have been done by a professional photographer. And the photoshopping skills were even much more impressive, and to think I used to study multimedia too! I definitely can’t hold a candle to her in editing skills!

Of course, maybe some girls would be upset because I am using a lady in my example, but I have to state something here. If in this situation it is a guy who is taking camera angle shots of himself, photoshopping the pictures till he look like Andy Lau, I would also talk about him. Anyway I think the time wasted on using photoshopping should be used to lose weight or keep fit. At least you would be doing something. Showing everyone such a beautiful image of yourself wouldn’t change the fact that you are not actually doing anything to improve yourself. You would be cheating everybody plus yourself. The cheating part is what I really hate, and there is totally nothing wrong with not being totally gorgeous since I am not Brad Pitt nor Johnny Depp.

Last but not least, I didn't proof read this note at all, so confirm have grammar mistakes, and this is but a fictional story. Any resemblance to real people you may or may not know could be totally unintentional. Not sleeping makes me cranky.